Netflix's new Download For You feature is now available

Netflix's new Download For You feature is now available

Netflix introduced a new Download for You feature for users starting yesterday, February 22, 2021. Download for you is a new feature that allows Netflix to automatically download TV shows and movies to a user's smartphone, based on their history view and preferences of the subscriber profile. Netflix began testing this new feature in late 2020. Download for You is an expansion of the existing Smart Download feature, which Netflix launched in 2018-2019.

Netflix's Smart Download feature was a useful function that allowed users to automatically download episodes of a TV series being watched on their smartphone or tablet, automatically deleting the old episodes already seen. However, Download for You is something much more aggressive, as the episodes will be downloaded to devices automatically. Netflix pointed out that users will be able to control the amount of video content downloaded to their device and that users must also manually activate the Download for You feature from the options menu, and will also be able to choose the download size from one up to five GB. Netflix is ​​definitely a high-risk move, as wrong assumptions will require users to manually step in and stop the process. It will be very interesting to see how users react to this.

Patrick Flemming, director of product innovation at Netflix, released a statement saying, “We are thrilled to introduce Downloads For You. People who choose this new feature will have programs or movies automatically downloaded to their devices, with recommendations based on their tastes ”. This will not be the first innovation planned by Netflix for this 2021, in fact this year a shuffle option will be implemented worldwide, which will allow Netflix to insert a recommended title, or present in the User List, in the streaming lineup. , making it, therefore, start automatically.

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