Spotify: smart working for all employees

Spotify: smart working for all employees
Even the giant of streaming music will allow its employees to freely choose whether to continue working from home in smart working: the announcement came from the pages of the official Spotify blog.

Work is not something for which our collaborators come to the office, it's something they do. Effectiveness cannot be measured by the number of hours spent at the desk, on the contrary, giving people the freedom to choose where to work increases their productivity.

Spotify also chooses the smart working formula

The Swedish company thus aligns itself with what has already been done by other companies in the online and hi-tech world, after having forcibly experimented with this method of remote collaboration over the last year for reasons related to the health crisis. The model is called Work From Anywhere, which is a rather explanatory name in itself. Below is an excerpt from the press release in translated form.

The future of our work has been a popular topic within the walls of Spotify for some time. Our management team has long supported the idea that digitalization and globalization are important drivers for creating a more flexible workplace that best fits our group and business.

The user base Spotify has progressively grown to make the platform the most important player in the music streaming market. The latest figures officially published speak of over 155 million subscribers (with paid subscription) reached in the last quarter of last year.

Source: Spotify

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