SECO is Huawei's partner for OpenHarmony

SECO is Huawei's partner for OpenHarmony
Handshake formalized between Huawei and the Italian SECO, which becomes the first European partner for the open source technology of the OpenHarmony project. In the past few days, the two companies shared the stage of the FOSDEM 21 event which attracted the attention of the developer world.

Huawei OpenHarmony: the first European partner is SECO

The collaboration has the stated objective of creating and jointly promoting an open ecosystem as an enabling engine for the devices that will arrive on the market. OpenHarmony comes to life from this concept, making open source, open governance and sharing its strengths, aiming to go beyond the physical perimeters of hardware components. For example, innovations related to the Internet of Things are part of this vision. This is the comment by Davide Ricci, Director of Huawei's Open Source Technology Center.

Open source, open governance and sharing with communities are at the heart of the OpenHarmony project. It is from this need for openness, as well as from the sharing of experiences and skills, that our collaboration with SECO is born. We are thrilled to work closely with them and other European partners in order to bring OpenHarmony to the largest number of overseas markets.

Huawei #OSTC Open Source Technology Center is at #FOSDEM 2021 together with @SECO_spa.

Visit the virtual booth to get to know more! #GreenHuaweiGreenEurope # TECH4ALL

- Huawei Europe (@Huawei_Europe) February 6, 2021

Here are the words of Davide Catani, CTO of SECO, a company based in Arezzo which on the pages of its official website describes itself as “an excellence in the field of high technology and miniaturization of PCs offering microcomputers , integrated systems and solutions for the IoT, even completely customized, for the most varied fields of application, including medical, industrial automation, transportation and digital signage ".

The OpenHarmony project , with its deeply innovative nature, it is very ambitious and simply defining it as an operating system would be extremely reductive. OpenHarmony focuses on the end customer by offering an incredible user experience, while being intended for content creators and OEMs, in order to offer everyone security, versatility and convenience. SECO has been designing and manufacturing innovative products and services for OEMs for over forty years and we firmly believe that OpenHarmony will represent a turning point in supporting our European customers.

Finally, we remember that the Huawei's Open Source Technology Center is a technology hub dedicated to the European OpenHarmony project. Located in the old continent, it is continuing to expand its collaborations with communities, innovation centers and companies (including startups and public administrations), in order to integrate more and more local and international partners.

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