PS5 new exclusives: PlayStation Talent presents Luto, One Last Breath, Antro and Rivalia

PS5 new exclusives: PlayStation Talent presents Luto, One Last Breath, Antro and Rivalia

PS5 new exclusives

While the public has finally been able to discover the release date of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, an interesting announcement arrives from Sony.

Lovers of the varied and dense undergrowth of independent productions can indeed look carefully at the future fruits of the PlayStation Talents initiative. From a collaboration between PlayStation Spain and the Lanzadera talent network, a selection of indies has emerged destined to land exclusively on PlayStation 5. Here are some first details, while below you will find some images of the titles described.


Gatera Studio offers a 2.5D puzzle-platform, set in a post-apocalyptic world. Players take on the role of Nittch, a working-class teenager who must deliver a mysterious package to his older sister, part of a more affluent social class. In a world destroyed by pollution, human society has been moved underground, but the dramas seem to be the same as on the surface.


With a father who has been missing for 4 years now, the young Aurora grew up fast. Having found the diary of her father, she will find herself involved in an unexpected journey in view of the unexpected possibility of finding it. Everything takes shape in a side scrolling action-adventure shooter set in a 3D world.


Broken World Games offers a new narrative adventure that accompanies the players in the darkest depths of the human psyche. In a mind that has become a prison, themes of anxiety and depression are explored.


PlayStation VR title, NeonHat places players in a dominated future by large corporations. Browsing the net through its own virtual version, we will have to discover what lies behind a world that does not show its real nature.


A puzzle-platform adventure in which players are called to decide the fate of humanity. With nature collapsing, a group of people driven by greed accidentally created a deadly virus. The choice of how to use it is up to us.


An action RPG in which the player controls 4 fighters, on an adventure between procedurally generated dungeons , between bosses, enemies and rewards.


We are in 2050 and climate change has destroyed our planet: survival is entrusted to the ability to transfer our souls in advanced robots. However, the protagonist suddenly finds himself in a laboratory, devoid of memories of his past and forced to flee.


An unlikely hotel awaits until to 4 players at the Empyreum Hotel. A party game in which the mission will be to get rid of dirty floors, annoying VIPs, flood effects and spiteful ghosts of past customers.

Waiting to find out the release dates of these productions, we remind you that they are many PS5 games coming in the course of 2021.

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