Problems for Xiaomi in China: it will not be possible to install Google services on smartphones

Problems for Xiaomi in China: it will not be possible to install Google services on smartphones
Xiaomi has announced that smartphones not equipped with Google services will no longer be able to install applications and features connected to it. The thorny issue concerns only the Chinese market.

Many devices in Asia, in fact, do not support GMS because Google services are banned in the country. The Company has not specified the models that will be affected by these changes, but several users using Redmi K30 Ultra and Redmi 10X 5G have confirmed that they are no longer able to install Google applications.

The problems between China and America as regards the smartphone market have been going on for months now. We remind you, in fact, how Huawei ended up on the blacklist of the Defense Department accused of having collaborated with the armed forces of the People's Republic of China. A decision strongly supported by the government of former President Donald Trump.

The Company has obviously returned the accusations to the sender, announcing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that it intends to take legal action. A significant damage to image, which could also affect other Chinese companies in the future.

The situation of Xiaomi, fortunately, is less restrictive than that of Huawei. The Company may still use American technologies on its devices, such as the use of Snapdragon chips and Google Mobile services, but they will be restricted within the United States of America.

American investors also cannot stay in within the Company and have about 10 months to leave their position. In the case of Huawei, however, the devices cannot use the American technology that concerns the 5G connection.

Although there is a new administration in America, led by the new president Joe Biden, it could take several years to resolve the thorny issues related to trade with China.

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