Pokemon GO: the guide with the best tricks to face Suicune

Pokemon GO: the guide with the best tricks to face Suicune
Starting from February 4, all Pokémon GO trainers have the opportunity to face, and possibly capture, a new pokémon as a boss within the legendary raids: we are talking about Suicune, who takes the place of Raikou, who is not more available in the game.

How to deal with Suicune

Suicune is a legendary Water-type pokémon, therefore the most suitable types of pokémon to face it are Grass and Electric, thanks to which will be possible, respectively, to minimize the damage suffered and maximize the damage inflicted using the right creatures. On the contrary, Suicune is extremely effective against Earth, Rock and especially Fire pokémon, which would be very disadvantaged compared to their opponent during the fight, and are therefore to be absolutely avoided within your team of creatures with whom you decide to face the boss of this new raid.

Finally, keep in mind that there is a possibility that Suicune may know an Ice-type attack to use during the battle with your pokémon: this attack could be able to inflict huge damage to your Grass-type pokémon, Dragon and Flying, so keep in mind also this variable during the preparation phase of the team that you will bring with you inside the raid.

Best Pokémon to use against Suicune

As previously mentioned, the best types of Pokémon for facing Suicune are Grass and Electric; so let's see a series of the best Pokémon in the game for each of these two types with which it is easier to face and defeat Suicune, so that you can then capture it: Grass Pokémon: Venusaur or Mega Venusaur / Roserade / Tangrowth / Sceptile / Abomasnow or Mega Abomasnow Electric Pokémon: Raikou / Electivire / Magnezone / Zekrom / Luxray / Ampharos or Mega Ampharos

How to get Suicune Shiny

Suicune will remain within Pokémon GO as the boss of a legendary raid until February 9th: during this period you will have the opportunity not only to face it and capture it, but sometimes you may encounter a Suicune Shiny, or a special variant of it. Unfortunately, the chances of finding one within the raid are slim, and there is no way to know if the Suicune you are facing in battle is Shining or not: its nature will reveal itself only after defeating it, before the phase dedicated to the capture of the legendary Pokémon.

Since there is no specific technique to be able to have the guarantee of encountering a Shining Suicune, the only way you can increase your chances of finding it is to face and complete as many raids as possible: remember that to take part in a legendary raid you will need a Raid Pass or a Remote Raid Pass. In addition to the arrival of Suicune within the legendary raids, Pokémon GO's February will be a month full of events, including the Lunar New Year celebrations and the Pokemon GO Valentine's Day event.

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