Bills, IMU, car tax: how to get cashback

Bills, IMU, car tax: how to get cashback
The State Cashback launched in recent days through IO apps and “affiliated issuers” (mainly payment apps) is designed to support the choice to buy online instead of opting only for online purchases. By doing so, two birds are obtained with one stone: moving the flows of money to local shops and, at the same time, making payments traceable, contributing to the fight against tax evasion. Among the links of this difficult project, which is also useful for stimulating the digitization of payments, there is however something further that could escape the range of opportunities available to users: bills, IMU and car tax could also be useful to mature one's own cashback by virtue of the fact that there are tools with which to transform these expenses into "proximity" payments.


The tool that more than any other is applying for this role is PayTipper . It is a brand metabolized prematurely in Enel X, the most innovative division of the Enel group, which allows digital payments at affiliated points in the area. The list of PayTipper payments useful for accruing cashback is proposed by the group itself:

Postal bulletins MAV (payment "by notice", often used by condominium administrators, universities, public bodies and large organizations) RAV ("Roles By Notice", also used for fines, some types of taxation and more again) PagoPA Alerts Car tax Those who thought they could accrue their cashback only through purchases at the bar, in the shop or in a pizzeria, in short, can change their mind: through PayTipper it is easy to extend the range of compatible purchases, making it much easier to reach maximum reimbursement thresholds and thus being able to count on discounts (certainly appreciated) on IMU, car tax, fines and taxes of various extraction.

Cashback is an initiative that can really change the habits of Italians and bring us closer to other European countries as the frequency of use of electronic payment instruments, at a time when our habits are changing also due to the health emergency from Covid-19. It is the first time that there is talk of encouraging electronic transactions not for reasons of combating tax evasion but for the benefit that derives from it for the consumer. It is a fundamental step change.

Angelo Grampa, CEO of PayTipper

How to pay

To pay with PayTipper you can register and then follow the instructions provided.

The payment is valid for cashback purposes only if made at one of the affiliated "PuntoPuoi" available on the territory: "PuntoPuoi is a network of over 2000 agencies distributed throughout Italy where it is possible to make payment of over 35 thousand beneficiaries. […] In PuntoPuoi agencies it is also possible to make telephone and technological top-ups and purchase gift cards “. To understand whether this type of procedure is within your reach, making it convenient to use PayTipper for payment with cashback, simply find a "PuntoPuoi" at hand: the search can be done here. The feeling is that PuntoPuoi are not homogeneously distributed throughout the country, which therefore requires a preventive research in order to avoid having to face a budget that is not strictly convenient between travel and cashback.

Will it last?

The state cashback will end at the end of June 2022, thus making up to 150 euros of half-yearly cashback available three times for those who make their payments digitally through the channels activated for this purpose. The weeks of this month of December are useful more than anything else to understand how and if the mechanism can work. As for the purchase of Amazon cards (another system that bypasses the purposes of cashback, diverting flows where the project does not want to direct them), in the same way, the payment of IMU and car tax does not seem to be exactly in line with the purposes. of the project.

A future exemption of this type of payments from future projects linked to cashback cannot be excluded, but in the meantime anyone can take advantage of it. A different argument could apply to fuel, on which cashback could remain in the future by virtue of the important boost that this channel could provide to the reduction of cash in circulation.

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