Mobileye and CAV together for the Italian motorways

Mobileye and CAV together for the Italian motorways

The collaboration announced between Mobileye (a subsidiary of Intel) and Concessioni Autostradali Venete provides for the use of an artificial intelligence system in order to monitor the road arteries, collecting and processing information on asphalt conditions, traffic flows , dislocation of infrastructures and much more.

AI for monitoring motorways: Mobileye with CAV

Initially the technology will be applied on the section of the A4 known as the Mestre Passante and on the A57 ( Mestre ring road). It is based on Mobileye 8 Connect, a low-cost device that uses video cameras and AI algorithms to acquire useful data for motorway managers, public service providers, smart cities and other operators. The distributor for Italy is Autobynet.

Among the objectives is to create maps in high definition and improve the efficiency of the maintenance fleet, allowing CAV to provide advanced and innovative Safe and Smart Mobility along the 60 km involved, arteries of fundamental importance for road transport in Northern Italy. Below is the comment by Lior Sethon, Vice President and Deputy General Manager of the Intelligent Mobility Solutions Division of Mobileye.

Today's agreement is of strategic importance for Mobileye and Intel, as it marks the start of a collaboration aimed at using advances in artificial intelligence to improve highways, arteries that play a role key in national and international transport. It is the first agreement of this kind that we have signed with a motorway concessionaire, in an area where our technological innovation based on the exploitation of data can bring concrete benefits to all travelers.

Il system provides GIS (Geographic Information System) data through Mobileye's Road Asset Survey, Pavement Condition Monitoring and Dynamic Mobility Mapping solutions. It works by exploiting the ability to detect the state of the road infrastructure, the presence of pedestrians or cyclists and the condition of the surface by circulating along established routes as well as delegating their processing to the algorithms and then uploading the relevant data to the cloud. We conclude with the words of Ugo Dibennardo, CEO of Concessioni Autostradali Venete.

We are very satisfied with this collaboration, the first step towards an agreement with a high-profile company like Mobileye, able to support us in the process of technological growth applied to infrastructure management, predictive maintenance, mobility, road safety, and autonomous driving.

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