Martin Mystère's 2021 - return to monthly pay but with a sacrifice

Martin Mystère's 2021 - return to monthly pay but with a sacrifice
Sergio Bonelli Editore continues his roundup linked to 2021 of his characters and, through the words of the dean Alfredo Castelli, it is also time to take a look at the vintage of Martin Mystère which presents more than an interesting novelty including the return to the monthly frequency !

Martin Mystère - the regular series

The Martin Mystère regular series really starts the year with a bang. In 373, on newsstands in February, Martin confesses to having killed Java in a fit of madness.

Castelli is categorical:

Surely someone will imagine that it is a fake murder, that in the coffin buried in the Greenwood Cemetery in New York there is no corpse, which is a mass in scene organized for some particular reason, that bullets were blanks and fake blood, that Martin's confession is a fake. Not so: the bullets are real, the blood is real, the corpse is real, the morgue is real, the recognition is true, Martin's confession is true, and so is the dismay and disbelief of his friends. The story, not surprisingly called "Incubi!" (I forgot: no, in the end it will not turn out that it's all a dream), text by myself and drawings by Paolo Ongaro and Antonio Sforza, ends in a really unexpected way, with an event that could affect the future of the Detective of 'Impossible.

This new status quo will continue with 374 entitled "The return of the goddess" written by Carlo Recagno together with myself, and illustrated by Giovanni Romanini and Antonio Sforza in which a character will return of one of the earliest stories of Martin Mystère; Zulma, the "villain" of "Destination Mexico" and "In the shadow of Teotihuacan", here in the guise of a divinity.

With issue 375 out in May Martin Mystère will be monthly again! It will return to having 96 pages with a formula that longtime readers should appreciate. The register will have to do with the eighty years of Sergio Bonelli Editore and will be written by Alfredo Castelli himself with drawings by Lucio Filippucci and which will include an unpredictable and elusive character.

Following is an album illustrated by Fabio Grimaldi and written by Carlo Recagno while in numbers 377 and 378 it will be the turn of "The Vampire of Vienna", with texts by Davide Barzi and drawings by Walter Venturi, in which Kramer returns, the undead of "A vampire in New York ”, Then again“ Nord-Nord Ovest ”by Sergio Badino and Alfredo Orlandi,“ Thomas il Veritiero ”by Lotti & Mainardi and Carlo Velardi,“ Oera Linda ”by Giovanni Eccher and Giovanni Nisi; "Elderly and aliens", by Giovanni Eccher and Fabio Piacentini.

Among the new arrivals, in addition to the "3V" Venturi, Velardi and Vercelli, we will meet the screenwriters Davide Barzi, Diego Cajelli and Alex Dante, who join in Badino, Eccher, Lotti, Mainardi and Recagno.

Martin Mystère - the specials

Maximum reserve on special issues. There will be a color story set in Venice that will be released on the occasion of the 1,600th anniversary of the city's foundation, one linked to Dante Alighieri as well as a series of hardcover and non-hardcover books. There will be technological surprises and much more.

Martin Mystère and Covid

Alfredo Castelli's position regarding Covid and the relationship with Martin Mystère is clear.

We would like to talk to you about a dilemma that we had to solve: to draw or not to draw the mask for the characters of our stories? The answer was "no", for two reasons.

First: as you know for Martin Mystère in particular and all Bonelli series (and not just Bonelli) in general, we start working on the stories well in advance, so much so that at the beginning of each year we are able to give you advances on the outputs of the following twelve months. The adventure due out in February 2021, for example, which among other things includes the latest tables designed by the late Giovanni Romanini, has already been drawn for a long time, in order to have time to insert the lettering, reread it carefully, make the any corrections and do whatever is necessary to send it to print. In this case we would have had to retouch it by drawing masks on the faces of all present, with rather dubious graphic effects and poor recognition of the characters.

The second reason is that sooner or later, thank goodness, the pandemic will end, but we cannot know exactly when. It would be embarrassing and even a bit inept to have a "masked" story drawn now that will perhaps be published when the infection is over. Our books are published abroad often years after their original release, and we really hope that by the time those of 2021 come out, the masks are now completely forgotten.

Our characters are fictional, and Covid can do nothing to them. But we are alive and real, and the virus can do us a lot of harm.

Our characters, however, are fictional, and Covid can do nothing to them. But we are alive and real, and the virus can do us a lot of harm [...] At the cost of being pedantic, in the Martin Mystere mail page we have repeatedly recommended and will continue to recommend that you wear a mask, apply the spacer, wash your hands and follow the instructions of the health authorities. Above all not to heed the unscientific ideas circulating on social media, including the many nonsense against vaccines.

The 2021 previews of Sergio Bonelli Editore

Last week, again through its official website, Sergio Bonelli Editore has already offered a first look at the 2021 news of Tex, Dragonero, Dampyr, Zagor and Dylan Dog.

Buy the volume Dylan Dog & Martin Mystère - Last stop: The nightmare!

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