Godzilla Singular Point - first look at Netflix's Godzilla

Godzilla Singular Point - first look at Netflix's Godzilla
The debut date of Godzilla Singular Point is approaching, a new anime series produced by Netflix starring, as easily understood, the King of Monsters or Godzilla, set for parile 2021.

After the charachter design of the protagonists and the teaser (which we propose a little below) finally the first image of this "new" Godzilla has been shown, here it is:

This is the teaser of the series that does not yet offer many clues about the plot :

Godzilla Singular Point - the Netflix anime

Godzilla Singular Point will combine traditional animation and computer graphics thanks to the unusual collaboration between two different studios: Bones (Cowboy Bebop) and Orange ( Beastars) while the direction will be entrusted to Atsushi Takahashi (Blue Exorcist - The film). The rest of the staff includes Kan Sawada (Yowamushi Pedal) on the soundtrack, Toh Enjoe (The Empire of the Corpses) on the script and supervision, Kazue Kato (author of the manga Blue Exorcist) on the character design and Eiji Yamamori (Princess Mononoke, The City Incantata) to the character design of kaiju.

This is the first poster:

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Godzilla, the return to the cinema

Godzilla will return to the cinema in Godzilla Vs Kong next 21 May 2021 indeed it should, since the situation linked to the release of the film after WarnerMedia's decision to release all films scheduled for 2021 both in cinemas (where possible due to the Coronavirus epidemic) and streaming on the HBO Max platform. The decision has significantly damaged the relationship between the studios and Legendary Pictures.

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Godzilla, the genesis

The birth of Godzilla dates back to 1954; Tomoyuki Tanaka, producer of Toho (film and television production house that in the future will give us jewels such as The 7 Samurai by Akira Kurosawa, Megaloman, The Enchanted City, Howl's Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro and many many others) is in flight over the Pacific over the Bikini Atoll, the place where the Americans carried out nuclear tests for the development of atomic bombs. Fascinated by "The Awakening of the Dinosaur" film with special effects by the master of animation Ray Harryhausen, in which an ancient reptile from the North Pole is awakened by the explosion of an atomic device, he decides to produce a film starring a giant monster and destroyer, generated precisely by the reckless use of nuclear power. We are in 54 and the wound inflicted on Japan by the atomic bomb is still open and painful.

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