LEGO: New Ideas # 21325 Medieval Blacksmith set presented

LEGO: New Ideas # 21325 Medieval Blacksmith set presented


The new LEGO Ideas set # 21325 Medieval Blacksmith was presented on January 19th, approved with the second review session of 2019 together with the Winnie the Pooh project, which however has yet to be transformed into an official LEGO set (and which we expect to be presented to us in April 2021).

In contention together with projects such as the UCS version of the Space Shuttle Atlantis, the aerial duel of Pursuit of flight, the "set" of 4 of the more well-known NASA spaceships than NASA Spacecraft and 7 other projects all very interesting, managed to conquer the title of the next LEGO Ideas set almost certainly thanks to the large amount of votes received by all fans of the LEGO Castle theme!

The project

Clemens Fiedler, the author of the project from which the LEGO Ideas 21325 medieval blacksmith set was born, explained that he chose this particular subject because it takes us back to an era in which the craftsmanship was the cornerstone of society. When thinking of the Middle Ages, the focus is normally on kings and queens, knights and ladies, their castles and battles between good and evil, but this new medieval-themed set gives an unexpected twist, showing the unsung hero of those epic battles and adventures, the humble blacksmith.

These are the words of Clemens Fiedler:

“I love to build historical buildings because they allow to enhance all the great attention to details that can be recreated with LEGO elements, especially the styles, colors and elements of medieval architecture. I hope that other LEGO fans will also enjoy traveling back in time, feeling the warmth, sounds and smells of the forge and anvil, and immersing themselves in the atmosphere of this classic craft craft while building the set "

Samuel Thomas Liltorp Johnson, the LEGO Group Design Manager who worked with Clemens Fiedler to transform the original project into a LEGO set, used these words instead to comment on the announcement of the new LEGO set Ideas:

“Designing a set like the LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith was an exciting journey that took us back hundreds of years to celebrate one of the true heroes of the Middle Ages. Telling the story of the blacksmith captured our imagination, the rest is history. We liked the idea of ​​creating a blacksmith's cottage, a place on the outskirts of the medieval world, where every knight went in search of dazzling armor. Fans will no doubt be fascinated by the workings of the forge, the architectural details and the characters they will find there when they build this set ”

The set

True to medieval history, the LEGO Ideas set # 21325 Medieval blacksmith stands out for its architectural elements that refer to the Middle Ages: from the walls with wooden frames to the windows with Gothic railings - arousing the curiosity and interest of fans of medieval architecture.

In the LEGO Ideas set # 21325 Medieval blacksmith, the blacksmith's house stands on lovely grounds, a rustic and well-equipped garden, complete with a pumpkin patch and a gnarled apple tree, while the brick walls are partly covered with moss for added realism. br>
The interior is spread over three separate floors (as shown in the images on the back of the box), fully furnished and equipped with everything a medieval blacksmith could ever need . Inside, there are stocks of materials, coal to keep the forge warm and a bellows, with a bright brick that simulates burning embers. The roof and two upper floors can be removed for a better view of the interior.

To complete the scene, the LEGO Ideas # 21325 Medieval Blacksmith set includes four minifigures: a blacksmith, an archer and two Knights with black hawks and four swords, three shields and a halberd. Several animals are also found in the courtyard outside the house, including a horse to pull the cart with the knights' supplies of weapons, a companion dog and a small frog.

The characteristics

These are the details of the set:

2,164 pieces height 27 cm, width 27 cm and depth 21 cm age 18+ price € 199.99 The set is on sale exclusively on and in LEGO Stores starting February 1, 2021.

In the now legendary 1984 Ghostbuster movie, Dr. Peter Venkman (played by Bill Murray), addressing his colleague and friend Dr. Raymond “Ray "Stantz (Dan Aykroyd) after being expelled from the university where they worked, in making the decision to found the new agency that gives the title to the film said:" call it fate, call it luck ... call it karma ... ". Are you already wondering why this quote is true? We'll explain right away.

Both the LEGO Ideas set # 21325 Medieval Blacksmith recently arrived on the shelves, and the LEGO Castle # 3739 Blacksmith Shop set from 2002 in fact, were born from an idea and a project of an enthusiast and fan of bricks and the medieval period, which the LEGO Group has decided to turn into a set.

Just as Clemens Fiedler uploaded his project to the LEGO Ideas platform, in 2000 Daniel Siskind did the same with the My Own Creation initiative, in which the LEGO Group bought the rights and made Daniel Siskind's Blacksmith Shop the first set of the new My Own Creation line, which included only fan-designed sets. Much simpler than the LEGO Ideas # 21325 Medieval Blacksmith set, the LEGO Castle # 3739 Blacksmith Shop set consisted of just two floors: the ground floor consisting of the actual workshop and comprising an anvil, tool rack, fireplace and ladder. to go up to the upper floor living space, where a bed, a table, a chair and a barrel were placed. The blacksmith and his wife were obviously included in the set along with various accessories. The set could also be opened in the center to access the clubs and play inside.

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