LEGO Ideas Set | The best to buy now

LEGO Ideas Set | The best to buy now
As you may have learned by now, here at we are huge fans of Lego sets and, in particular, we love what are the most daring, complex and impressive constructions that the Danish company loves to offer its fans. However, it would be wrong to say that all the ideas come from the Lego brick engineers, and indeed, as is the case with the Lego Ideas sets, these are the result of the creativity of the fans!

Read also: LEGO: presented the new sets of the Monkie Kid theme Born with the name of Lego Cuusoo, the Ideas sets are born on the homonymous portal, where anyone can propose and observe hundreds of ideas fruit of the users' imagination who, through their ambition and genius, can aspire to become part of the Lego family thanks to the realization of the proposed sets. The user proposes, and after a voting (and elimination) system, the winning sets acquire the right to be actually produced for sale! You just need to have an idea, build it live or create it graphically and send it for approval. Obviously Lego does not consider making all the Ideas sets that are proposed, but only those that obtain the beauty of 10,000 votes over a period of 2 years. Being fan ideas, Lego Ideas sets very often paid homage to existing franchises such as Back to the Future, Voltron or Disney with Tron and Wall-e with truly incredible and memorable results.

And for their beauty and, above all, for their collectability, we thought it might be worth dedicating some space on our virtual pages to the Ideas sets. In fact, we would like to point out that, unfortunately, the Lego Ideas sets are not produced forever and indeed, after the initial wave, they become almost impossible to find! As far as we are concerned, we have decided not to complicate our lives too much, selecting for you only those sets that, at present, are still available, however the invitation is to always keep an eye on the secondary market because, as usual to say in certain circles, “every left over is lost”!

So, without further ado, we propose "6 beautiful Lego Ideas sets to buy now!" , hand to the wallet, beauty here often pays dearly!

Best Lego Ideas Sets

123 Sesame Street Ship in a Bottle The Pirates of Barracuda Bay International Space Station Dinosaur Fossils Grand Piano Saturn V Central Perk The Flintstones The Tree House

123 Sesame Street

Straight from memories from the TV show Sesame Open, here's a new addition to the large LEGO Ideas family: 123 Sesame Street. This 1,300+ piece set features Bert and Ernie's apartment, includes Elmo's bedroom and features a large number of exclusive minifures, including Oscar the Grouch and the famous Big Bird, and is a true must-have item in the collection of more nostalgic. Once the construction of the buildings is complete, fans will be able to recognize the colorful locations and the numerous details present, such as the pigeon dance or the rubber duck in the bathroom.

»Click here to buy 123 Sesame Street

Ship in a Bottle

The Ship in a Bottle set is back in the fantastic LEGO Ideas family, which includes the Leaviathan vessel complete with accommodation, cannons, masts and even sails inside a bottle made of LEGO bricks, which also allows you to close it with a cap and seals, simulating elements of water inside. The ship then rests on a practical support that doubles as a plate for the ship's name, and includes a compass - not working - with a gold-colored rotating needle. In short, the LEGO set that lovers of the sea and bricks cannot really miss, as it is incredibly available again!

»Click here to buy the ship in a bottle

The Pirates of Barracuda Bay

Released in April of this year, "The Pirates of Barracuda Bay" is inspired by the 1989 Lego Black Seas Barracuda pirate ship set. Made up of 2545 pieces, this set includes 8 minifigures representing the various crew members including the captain, sailors, boatmen and numerous animals are also present. In fact, we find the figures of a shark, a pig, 2 parrots, 3 crabs, 2 frogs and 2 inevitable skeletons to complete the whole. The great peculiarity of this set, however, lies in the fact that the parts of the wreck of the pirate base can be assembled by recreating the ship of Barbarossa! Thanks to its incredible originality, this set amuses from the earliest stages of construction with its retro flavor mixed with its originality. A real must have, body of a thousand whales!

»Click here to buy Barracuda Bay Pirates

International Space Station

In just 864 pieces, thanks to this Lego Ideas you will have a reproduction of the International Space Station directly in your home! Made to celebrate 20 years of the real ISS, this set includes cargo vehicles, astronaut microfigures and even a shuttle. We must not think of being faced with a fixed set, the moving parts are numerous including the 2 rotating joints for the 8 solar panels and the Canadarm2 arm. Obviously the Space Station is equipped with a support, so you can place it anywhere in the house and pay homage in our small, to the real ISS.

»Click here to buy the International Space Station

Dinosaur Fossils

We are faced with a small prehistoric wonder. With the "Dinosaur Fossils" set we could transform our shelves into the wing of a natural history museum. In the set the bones of a Tyrannosaurus, a Triceratops and a Pteranodon were represented in 1:32 scale, each of which positioned on its special support, complete with a panel for the name. Certainly there is no lack of the usual meticulous attention to detail that Lego has always shown us over time, in fact, thanks to the numerous moving parts we can position the fossils as we wish. Two figures complete the set: that of the archaeologist and that of the Lego Sapiens, a brilliant idea to say the least!

»Click here to buy Dinosaur Fossils

Grand piano

This set, new for summer 2020, is what music fans have been dreaming of for some time This wonderful set is an exact reproduction of a concert grand piano, complete with a chair and 25 interactive keys and a complex system of hammers and strings that allows the piano to play. Creative and relaxing to build, this set as well as being able to keep it exposed for how much it is a faithful reproduction, is also very fun once completed, in fact through the LEGO Powered Up app you can play personally or choose which songs to play automatically, and it is also possible to place the smartphone on the music rest as you do for the real instrument.

»Click here to buy the grand piano

Saturn V

Another piece that is back in stock after some lack of availability is the historical set of the Saturn V , one meter high and rich in authentic details, including 3 removable stages, including the third stage which includes the lunar module and the one to orbit the earth. If you do not want to keep it horizontal, it is possible to position the Saturn V horizontally thanks to 3 comfortable supports that allow you to place it in any room of the house and stand out in all its splendor and also 3 astronaut minifigures have been included to recreate the situations of the moon landing.

»Click here to buy the Saturn V

The Central Perk

These few words are enough to make it clear that we are talking about the historic bar that appears in the famous series tv FRIENDS! It comes to us a bit to consider him almost a protagonist of the actual series, since we too spent hundreds of hours sitting on those sofas talking to Chandler or listening to Phoebe play. Made to celebrate 25 years of the series, well as the years go by, this set includes all the characters from the series Ross, Green, Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe and finally Gunther! Finished with tons of little goodies, this Lego Ideas set can't be missing from a FRIENDS fan's collection.

»Click here to buy The Central Perk

The Tree House

With over 3,000 pieces and 37 cm high, the LEGO Ideas: The tree house is a massive model that allows many hours of family fun. In addition to being equipped with 3 houses placed on the tree, which include bathroom, room for children and bedroom, the greatest peculiarity of this set is that the foliage of the tree is interchangeable according to the season, being able to choose whether put the green ones for the summer or the yellow and brown ones for the winter. In addition, the leaves and all the elements of the base are made of sustainable PE (polyethylene) plastic produced with sugar cane grown in a sustainable way, of plant origin in order to be also close to the environment. In the convection there are also the 3 minifigures of the family, plus that of a bird, to create a large number of funny situations.

»Click here to buy the Tree House

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