Justice League: Zack Snyder calls critics liars

Justice League: Zack Snyder calls critics liars
After Zack Snyder's exit from Justice League production, he no longer had the opportunity to finish the film as he originally envisioned it. His fans called on Studio Warner Bros. loudly and with numerous targeted actions to enable Snyder to record additional material and to cut the film according to his vision. This so-called Snyder Cut has now actually been realized and is due to appear as a four-hour film on HBO Max this year. But not everyone sees this as a victory for artistic freedom.

So a not inconsiderable part of Snyder's fan base is accused of harassing other fans and media representatives and attracting them with toxic behavior when demanding the Snyder Cut to have. Misogyny was also part of the way Snyder fans expressed themselves. Her rhetoric has often been compared to that of Star Wars fans, who tried to persuade actress Kelly Marie Tran to quit the film series with insults and threats.

Recommended editorial content At this point you will find external content from [PLATTFORM]. To protect your personal data, external integrations are only displayed if you confirm this by clicking on "Load all external content": Load all external content I consent to external content being displayed to me. This means that personal data is transmitted to third-party platforms. Read more about our privacy policy . External content More on this in our data protection declaration. It goes without saying that these are not all fans of Snyder's films. But when the realization of the Snyder Cut was officially announced, many victims of these threats and meannesses understandably saw the decision of Warner Bros. from their perspective as giving way to the toxic mob. Numerous articles raised the question of whether this influence of extremely motivated, extremely loud groups could not have a negative effect on fan culture and, in the end, even on the films themselves.

Zack Snyder himself has a very clear view of this Opinion. In an interview with CinemaBlend, he firmly and comprehensively denies the allegations of toxicity on behalf of his fan base. His fans are not toxic, the realization of the Snyder Cut is no gain for loud internet mobs and those who claim this are liars. He went on to say that he found his fans' critics bitter and “architects of [a] narrative” with a “clear agenda.”

“In what world do you have any credibility in front of anyone anywhere? I would Loving the opportunity to tell the world and fandom in general who these liars are and what to do or do to them. It's just a bunch of bullshit. About that toxic fan culture or that 'it's a victory for toxic fans ': In what world are' toxic fans' collecting thousands of dollars for suicide prevention? They may have achieved more than any other fan base and do more good than any other group. So I don't get it. "

Snyder points out in his testimony that fans raised $ 250,000 for suicide prevention as part of the #ReleaseetheSnyderCut campaign. An undoubtedly amazing sum for a good cause and a touching gesture towards Snyder, who lost his daughter in this way. The fact that someone cannot be a bad person or exhibit toxic behavior patterns due to their participation in a charity is precisely the black and white thinking that Snyder's loudest fans are so often accused of.


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