INAIL: access with SPID, CIE and CNS from 1 March

INAIL: access with SPID, CIE and CNS from 1 March
INPS has already eliminated the traditional access credentials for all users starting from 1 October 2020. INAIL has also started the transition to comply with the obligations set out in the Simplification Decree and now communicates that it will not issue new credentials starting from 28 February 2021.

INAIL: access only with SPID, CIE and CNS

The INAIL progressive transition plan includes five phases. The first, already activated on December 1, 2020, obliges patronages, CAF and various intermediaries to use only SPID (Public Digital Identity System), CIE (Electronic Identity Card) and CNS (National Service Card) to access online services. .

The second phase will begin on February 28, 2021. From this date, no new INAIL credentials will be issued to any category of users. Those already issued remain valid, but only until September 30, 2021. From March 1, 2021, instead, the obligation to use SPID, CIE and CNS is triggered for users (new and old) registered in the profile State administrations managed on behalf of the State.

Based on the progress of the transition plan, INAIL could add one or more phases starting from May 2021 (and therefore allow access only with SPID, CIE and CNS). The last phase is scheduled for 1 October 2021. From this date all users will be able to access only with SPID, CIE and CNS, even if the old credentials have not yet expired.

As already done by INPS, INAIL will also comply with legal obligations, but this will certainly create problems for older people who will have to ask for assistance to access services. In reality, the Simplification Decree envisages "other ways in which, also to overcome the digital divide, documents can be made available and delivered to those who do not have access to a digital home".

Source: INAIL

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