Pulse oximeter, masks, thermometer: discounts and caution

Pulse oximeter, masks, thermometer: discounts and caution
Among today's offers from Amazon, there is a new downward blow (for a few hours) on the world of pulse oximeters. The AFAC oximeter, in fact, enjoys a 35% discount and thus reaches the price of 16.99 euros, which is the best price ever reached to date and, above all, the best price of the moment to grab a device that measures the saturation of the blood.

Pulse oximeter, here is the best price

As known, this type of device is useful for keeping full lung efficiency under control: if the oximeter indicates decreasing results, in fact, it could mean the beginning of a decline in breathing skills, thus leading to more precise and sudden diagnoses in order to avoid major problems later on. Thanks to these devices, general practitioners can remotely check the state of health, recommending the best therapies in case of infection.

While the optimists look to the times of the vaccine, the pessimists rattle off the countdown for yet another wave of infections. The sad truth is that both are right: vaccines will remove us from this situation, but the behaviors held in recent weeks are plunging us into what seems to be emerging as a new wave, driven by the multiplication of even more contagious variants. Therefore, it is not the time to get lost in chatting between those who look at the glass half full and those who cry at the empty one: we need the pragmatism of caution.

The arrival of a new wave therefore opens up the need to bring home what is necessary to stay safe: a supply of masks for any eventuality (here the 50% discount), a thermometer for daily monitoring (here the 15% discount) and an oximeter for every emergency. Then the vaccine will arrive, but the news is what we know: months of tension await us, between orange areas that return, red areas that emerge and the duty to strengthen one's emotional capacity in the direction of further caution.

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