In Australia the news is back on Facebook

In Australia the news is back on Facebook

An agreement has been found between the government and the social network, which suspends the blockade. Microsoft proposes a similar agreement for European publishers too

(Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images) In the coming days, Facebook will restore the sharing of news on its portal in Australia after finally coming to a trade agreement with the Canberra government. Meanwhile in Europe, Microsoft is working with the European publishers council, a trade association of the publishing world, to find a similar solution.

The situation in Australia

Last week, surprisingly , Menlo Park decided to block the sharing of news on Australian users' feeds taking Canberra off guard, after Treasury Minister Josh Frydenberg, just a few days earlier, announced a deal with Google and Facebook, to remunerate publishers for the news shared online. A change in the run-up to a bill pending in Australia has blown the table.

Now, however, the giant of Menlo Park has backtracked after the government in turn made changes in order to "Provide further clarity to digital platforms and media companies". The code now gives digital platforms and publishers two months to agree on the remuneration of the news, before legal obligations are triggered.

William Easton, director of Facebook operations in Australia and New Zealand, said that now the company is satisfied and has backtracked from the blocking of news sharing on the platform, soon adopted after the breakdown of negotiations with the government.

Microsoft thinks of publishers in Europe

In Europe, although the waters are calmer, there is still no code that regulates these relationships. Microsoft has now come forward and together with the European publishers council is planning to propose to the governments of the old continent a code very similar to the Australian one.

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