GTA San Andreas in 1907: A fan imagines a historical map of the state

GTA San Andreas in 1907: A fan imagines a historical map of the state

GTA San Andreas in 1907

Have you ever wondered what the state of San Andreas was like in the early 20th century? Probably not, but a die-hard Grand Theft Auto fan not only did it, he also drew a very accurate map dated 1907 that quickly garnered community acclaim.

ProfessorIshirkov, as he calls himself on Reddit, has created and shared on the social a map of the state of San Andreas from 1907 that amazes both for the care taken in its creation, and for the historical accuracy, which seems to have come out of a game in the Red Dead Redemption series. The user has in fact left nothing to chance, and has sketched the outlines of the streets, cities and natural elements based on the information disseminated throughout the GTA San Andreas plot.

We can therefore ascertain that at the beginning of the twentieth century the city of Last Venturas was still a tiny settlement at the terminus of the eastern railway line of the state: the Cosa Nostra had not yet worked on it and the casinos had not yet been built . At the time, therefore, the bridge that in the game connects San Fierro to the northeastern shore made no sense to exist, and is actually absent. There was a prison there where the San Fierro airport is located, while the Los Santos of 1907 was much smaller than the one we have explored far and wide in the game, which we remember being set in 1997, and it did not even reach the costa.

You can also admire the historical map of San Andreas by heading to the bottom of this news. Speaking of the classic, in recent times absolutely unconfirmed rumors have spread that they want the Remastered of GTA San Andreas to be released before GTA 6.

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