Green Deal: more funds for the energy transition

Green Deal: more funds for the energy transition
Elettricità Futura, an entity affiliated with Confindustria and Confindustria Energia and which unites producers of electricity from renewable and conventional sources, brought its observations on the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) to Commission X of the Chamber of Deputies in which a possible bottleneck is assumed for the potential of the sector. Faced with ambitious political and economic plans, in fact, the problem risks being in the bureaucracy, in the fragmented regulatory context within which action must be taken to complete the work and in a fundamental inconsistency between the commitments undertaken and the funds allocated.

More investments for the energy transition

The NRP, in particular, foresees 210 billion in investments for Italy, of which “196.5 billion from the Recovery and Resiliency Facility (RRF), 13 , 5 by REACT-EU and 1 by other financial instruments ". 70 billion, on the other hand, are destined for the energy transition. In light of Draghi's upcoming installation in Palazzo Chigi, where the reassessment of the executive plans linked to the Next Generation EU funds will be among the priorities, Elettricità Futura asks that more attention be paid to the energy transition, in light of a necessary coherence with the current objective of the Green Deal to 2030. In short: if we do not invest now by leveraging available capital, we cannot think of achieving those objectives that the country has already signed.

Data Elettricità Futura

"It will also be necessary to allocate at least 37% (and not 33% as in the current PNRR hypothesis) of the Next Generation EU to implement the Green Deal in Italy", continues the EF analysis: " moreover, coherent and concrete objectives to reach the Green Deal for the development of new capacity from renewable sources. The draft PNRR foresees no more than an additional 5 GW by 2026 while Electricity Future has estimated a need at least 8 times higher by 2026 (i.e. 40 GW) and another 25 GW in the period 2027-2030 to reach 120 by 2030 Overall GW (Green Deal target) ". According to current data, in fact, the inertial trend projects the achievement of the objectives to 2085: if the pace is not changed quickly, the objectives will remain on paper and it will not be easy to make up for lost time when the capital will again be complex to intercept. br>
These (pdf) are the proposals that the President, Agostino Re Rebaudengo, presented to the Commission.

Source: Elettricità Futura

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