Free Bitcoin on Discord? It's just a scam!

Free Bitcoin on Discord? It's just a scam!
The well-known company Kaspersky recently published an interesting article on its blog in which users are warned about a scam currently in progress on Discord, an application used mainly by gamers, but now also in use to talk about general topics. One of these concerns the world of cryptocurrencies and right here some bad guys have implemented a very dangerous scam.

Credit: Kaspersky In fact, it seems that some people have been contacted promising them BitCoin or Ethereum in exchange for registering with a new trading platform. On the surface, the site on which you are directed seems really legitimate and full of all those functions that one would expect to find on such a portal, complete with an adaptive layout, an attractive design, information on exchange rates and more. . In addition, multiple information is requested during registration in order to successfully pass the identity check and even enable two-factor authentication. So far, everything seems absolutely credible and users willingly agree to make a small deposit to verify that everything is in order.

The problems, however, start when trying to move the "reward" received for registration in your personal wallet. In fact, it will be impossible to carry out the operation. At this point, the bad guys who created this scam will claim that they need a top-up, the amount of which, of course, will be lost forever.

Credit: Kaspersky In addition to the evident intention of extorting virtual coins from those who will fall into the deception, it seems reasonable to think, in the face of the large number of data entered, including identity documents complete with photos, that the the second aim of the scammers is to collect as much personal information as possible and then sell it on the dark web. Kaspersky advises never to trust strangers, especially if they promise to give you money, and, above all, first check the authenticity and safety of a site before sending photos and personal data.

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