Fortnite: Patch Notes for Update 15.40 - Changes & Innovations

Fortnite: Patch Notes for Update 15.40 - Changes & Innovations


Epic Games releases the Fortnite Update 15.40 as a download. The patch is available after today's downtime: Fortnite was temporarily offline this morning. The developers usually hold back with the patch notes, leaving it to the community to find out the changes and innovations. Players have now published details about the changelog on Twitter and Reddit. Highlights include a return of the flintlock pistol, which was already available in Fortnite season one. The rifle causes a lot of damage, but also triggers a huge recoil.

The time-limited Air Royale mode is also celebrating a comeback from season 1: The LTM is now available again in the Battle Royale shooter. In this mode you compete against other players in a plane. In the coming days, the return of the game variant "Floor is Lava" is also on the program. There is a lot of lava waiting for you on the Fortnite map - you should avoid touching the liquid rock. Another short film night for Party Royale is planned for February 20 and 21, as reported by Leaker Hypex on Twitter. More details on this should follow shortly. New cosmetics also come into play with Fortnite Update 15.40. In the following tweet you will get an overview of the new skins and items. (buy now 15.78 €)

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