Final Fantasy 7: fans celebrate Aerith's birthday

Final Fantasy 7: fans celebrate Aerith's birthday

Aerith Birthday

Today is the birthday of Aerith Gainsborough, one of the most beloved characters of Final Fantasy VII and Japanese fans on Twitter have been publishing posts dedicated to her for several hours, to celebrate her birthday. Illustrations, screenshots, videos, cosplay images and other loving tributes to this beloved character abound on the well-known social network. By exploring this hashtag you can see for yourself the tide of content dedicated to Aerith and more will surely arrive in the next few hours.

Indeed, considering the time zone, numerous other fans from different parts of the world will join the virtual celebration Aerith's birthday. This is a clear sign that fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Part 2 from Square Enix. Speaking of which, Asuka Yoshikawa, the actress who plays Aerith in Final Fantasy VII Remake, revealed some really interesting news on her official Twitter account. Apparently, Yoshikawa recently completed a four-hour filming session with the actor who plays Sephiroth.

Briana White, who in Final Fantasy VII Remake gives the English voice to Aerith, also expressed her devotion to the character he plays, posting on his Twitter account some shots of his photo shoot, made by the hand of photographer Martin Wong, in which he shows his incredible skills as a cosplayer in the role of Aerith. With the help of Twitch streamer and cosplayer, Lady Zero, she was able to create a perfect costume of her character. But as we know, in addition to the 'hair' you also need 'makeup' and to create this splendid photo shoot, Briana also used the help of the professional makeup artist of the cosplayer and streamer on Twitch, Helloiamkate.

Old and new Final Fantasy VII fans alike were thrilled with Part 1 of the game, released last year April 10, 2020. Final Fantasy VII, in fact, has managed to optimally reconstruct the world, the story and the characters of the historic title released in 1997. And in this work of reconstruction and optimization, in which even the characters themselves shine even more, it is not surprising that Aerith has received all this affection on social networks. The latter, in fact, is among the female characters of the game who has managed to leave a mark in the hearts of gamers, together with Tifa, who is also often referred to in some cosplay.

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