FIFA 21, FUT: Weekly Challenges, Week 5, Season 3: Our Guide

FIFA 21, FUT: Weekly Challenges, Week 5, Season 3: Our Guide
Like every week, the online mode of FIFA, FUT offers its players many challenges to break their playing habits.

The FUT challenges week 5 season 3 are out

As part of FIFA 21's FUT Mode, available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC, you will have to complete several challenges each week in order to earn valuable experience points and FUT points.

As a reminder, the weekly challenges are classified according to 3 ranks: Bronze, Silver and Gold. You will have to complete all the challenges of your rank to unlock the next one. Some are easy, while others may be a problem for you. Nevertheless, it is possible to be tricky with a few tips that will allow you not to spend too much time completing these challenges!

The challenges of the bronze tier

Play 3 (473 XP): Play 3 matches in any FUT game mode. A Touch of Fineness (551 XP): Score 2 goals with a finesse shot in any FUT game mode. Double Assists (394 XP): Perform two assists in two different matches, regardless of the FUT game mode. Talks (158 XP): Use a contract on a player.

The challenges of the silver tier

Attack from behind (945 XP): Provide an assist with a defender in two different matches in Team Battles mode on Semi-Pro difficulty or higher. Triple Threat (788 XP): Score 3 goals in the same match in any FUT game mode. Battle in Light (315 XP): Play a match against the Team in Light of the Week in Team Battles on Semi-Pro difficulty or above. Earn 3 (1108 XP): Win 3 matches in any FUT game mode.

The challenges of the Gold tier

Goal and Assist (1155 XP): Score with an Italian player and deliver an assist with a French player in the same match in Team Battles mode on pro difficulty or higher . 3 Nations Team (1040 XP): Win a match in Rivals with a starting team containing at least two players from each of the following nations: Germany, Spain, England. Assists Required (866 XP): Deliver two assists with a Brazilian player in 2 matches in Team Battles mode. Accurate Cross (982 XP): Score after a cross pass from a Spanish player in Rivals. Progress (1733 XP): Obtain 3500 Rivals points. These FUT challenges are available until Friday, February 5 and will allow you to obtain up to 11,745 XP in total.

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