Earn money with Facebook Live Shopping in 4 steps

Earn money with Facebook Live Shopping in 4 steps
An increasingly important part of the earnings of many influencers comes from affiliations with Amazon, eBay and e-commerce from all over the world. It usually works like this: Content creators directly or indirectly mention the products they use or are sponsoring. At a certain point they invite you to click on the link found in the video description, in the chat, in the bio or as a call to action of the Swipe Up.

The link is a so-called affiliate link, generated by specific platforms and often integrated by more organized e-commerce. The creator receives a percentage of the price of the product sold or a fixed amount for each transaction.

Today, for influencers and companies, selling online is even easier. The health emergency we are still experiencing has convinced even the most reluctant to buy via the Internet. Online purchases are at an all-time high: according to Adobe Analytics, during the last Black Friday alone, total online sales increased by 22% to a record $ 9 billion.

Photo credit - depositphotos. com This is why now is the time, no longer just for influencers but businesses as well, to start promoting products and services online. One of the new tools that seems best suited for this purpose is Facebook Live Shopping.

Facebook Live has been around since 2016, and while many brands have used it to promote products in the past, there was no easy way to drive traffic to external sites or to make purchases in the app, at least until now. Thanks to this new feature, today you can go live from your desktop or mobile device and start showing products to your viewers.

Potential customers can skip reading countless reviews and ask live product questions. Online shoppers want instant gratification and love hands-on customer support, both possible thanks to Facebook Live Shopping.

A recent report found that 265 million users in China bought goods via live streaming in 2020 alone. This means that 50% of streaming video viewers are potential buyers in this mode. If the studio in China kept the same proportion in the United States, where there are over 232 million viewers, then there would be a market of around 115 million new customers.

Also, "Live" shopping is new : Amazon Live was recently launched and businesses and influencers are already enjoying success. That's why now is the time to create a strategy for "Live" selling products on Facebook (which has over 2.7 billion users).

There are four ways to set up Facebook Live Shopping to get started sell.

With a Commerce Account of Facebook Commerce Manager, a linked Facebook page and a set of products in the Facebook catalog, you can tag and present products from the shop and add links. With a Facebook page, but without a Commerce account, you can still manually add new products, add a description, and create a link to buy right before going live. When you hit the “Go Live” button, you can show the link to specific products to viewers, who can click and go directly to a payment page. You can even start a Live without setup and talk about products, then add a website link in the comments for people to checkout, or they can send a message if they're interested. The last way to sell "Live" is to add links during live streaming. This is a simple and effective way to direct customers to the website or payment site by clicking a link on the screen. Facebook Live Shopping is a smart and fun way to interact with customers in real time, which helps to show personality and build trust, show how products work, save consumers time instead of searching for tutorials and reading reviews, respond to any objections to help close the sale and promote exclusive offers and promotions to viewers.

Obviously we add that if you want to be most successful in this business, you need to have a lot of potential customers connected to your live stream. You have two possibilities to achieve this: invest in advertising or, better, in the support of target influencers with your products. Alternatively, you can start a continuous activity of transforming the key figures of your company into influencers - almost always, in the case of SMEs, it starts with or from the owner.

If you are interested in learning more, you can contact us at any moment by filling out the form at info@tomsnetwork.it and we will help you understand how you can directly sell many more products and services using online tools!

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