E3 2021: The event should take place completely digitally this year

E3 2021: The event should take place completely digitally this year
It has been known for some time that the E3 will return this year. So far, however, there have been no specific details about the program and the design of the event. Behind the scenes, the plans are now taking on more concrete forms, as a current report by the Video Games Chronicle magazine shows.

According to this, the Entertainment Software Association began some time ago to send concept proposals to numerous publishers in order to to confront them with previous ideas. According to the magazine's report, E3 2021 from June 15 to 17 will take place entirely digitally, but will have all the important aspects of the previous events to offer. A kind of preview event is to take place on June 14th, at which the developer studios and publishers can get in the mood for the main event. Over the next three days, several two-hour keynotes from various game partners, announcements and even an award show are planned. In addition, smaller events by publishers, influencers and other partners are on the program.

Fans can follow all of this in the form of live streams on their home screens via the common platforms. It is also planned that the developers and publishers will be able to publish some demos of their games in time for E3 2021. This should be done on the well-known online portals such as Steam, the Epic Games Store, Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network.

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Source: VGC

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