Physical format condemned, Digital games sell record-breaking

Physical format condemned, Digital games sell record-breaking
Was it easy to predict or not? Over the years the video game market has changed drastically, at first it was thought that digital stores would never take the place of physical format, while in recent years the trend seems to be going in the opposite direction. Of course, this could also be the effect of an expansion of the network, with more fast connections and ease in being able to quickly download your favorite game wherever you want without carrying unnecessary plastic and packaging.

On the other hand, the discounts that have been accompanying the console stores in recent years also help the gamer to choose digital rather than physical. In Europe in the last year it seems that this trend has grown exponentially especially when compared with the data of 2019. According to a report by GSD, the video game industry has seen the digital market increase in some countries of the European community with over 123 million of video games sold and more than half of these sold in digital copy.

If you look at 2019, sales have grown by 47%. Unsurprisingly, digital game sales have increased since 2019, especially during the pandemic. With potential players locked in the house, the likelihood of consuming video game-related media, such as live on Twitch, also increases. Those who may not have had the time in 2019 can now immerse themselves deeply in the hobby. Just think how many are discovering cloud gaming!

With PlayStation 4 sales reaching an insane milestone, it makes sense that it accounts for the majority of digital downloads. While it might not be shocking to some, it's still quite impressive to see GTA 5 as one of the top contenders even after 8 years of market presence. In short, it seems that the physical format could have the hours counted for the video game market.

In addition, some data from this needle that is increasingly moving towards digital, see Microsoft giving percentages to the chains that sell subscriptions Gamepass and some AAA titles distributed in America only by publishers for collectors (see Hitman 3 distributed by Limited Run Games). What do you think of the matter? Have you gone digital completely or not yet?

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