Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen: all the news between Assaults, equipment and activities

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen: all the news between Assaults, equipment and activities
After the numerous previews on Destiny 2 Season 13 that accompanied us since the launch of Beyond the Light, the high echelons of Bungie officially present all the surprises expected during the next ingame phase of their sci-fi shooter, the Season of the Chosen.

The narrative plot drawn up by the US authors to trace the path that will lead us towards this new Season will focus on the figure of the Empress Caiatl: the new leader of the Cabal, daughter of the powerful Calus, will be ina> search of allies. The Guardians' task will therefore be to counter the expansionist aims of Caiatl by facing the threat posed by the champions of his Cabal war council, in the hope that this umpteenth conflict will not lead to the capitulation of the Last City of the Earth while the Pyramids of Xivu Arath destabilize the system.

On the content front, all this will materialize in a series of surprises represented, for example, by the Battlefields, an activity with matchmaking for 3 players in which it will be possible to challenge in a ritual combat Caiatl's chosen warriors.

Parallel to these challenges, we will see the return of the DAGA Fallen and La Tana dei Diavoli Assaults thanks to the Destiny 2 DCV program. Later in the Season, it will then be the turn of the Proving Grounds Assault, a high-level challenge that will pit the Guardians against the high-ranking Cabal troops to determine the fate of the Last City.

For the duration of Season 13 we will see the addition of lots of equipment and more than 25 weapons: the owners of the Season Pass will immediately unlock the new Prefect armor set and the exotic Divination of Ticuu bow, a 'weapon that allows you to shoot multiple solar arrows at the same time with target tracking function. The Season of the Chosen will officially begin on February 9th and will end on May 11th. Check out the Destiny 2 Season 13 presentation video and let us know with a comment what you think about it.

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