Control: how to unlock all of Jesse's secret costumes

Control: how to unlock all of Jesse's secret costumes
During your adventure within the Federal Bureau of Control as Jesse, you will be able to find and equip a wide variety of different costumes and clothes for the protagonist of the Remedy adventure.

How to change equipment

The first thing to learn is how you can equip an outfit other than the one you are currently using: to do this you will have to go exclusively to the Central Executive control point. Interacting with it you will notice a menu option that indicates the possibility of changing the costume used: by choosing this option a further menu will appear, containing all the costumes that you have so far unlocked.

Asynchronous Complete

This costume can be obtained by completing the Reflected Mirror side mission. After completing the mission, on the way out of the Synchrony Laboratory you will notice a room full of mannequins: one of them is wearing the Asynchronous Suit, which you can get simply by interacting with that mannequin.

Director's Suit

This costume will be unlocked completely automatically once the last main mission of the game, Take Control, is finished.

Golden Suit

To get this outfit you must complete the Roulette puzzle in the Luck and Probability department: if you want to know how, we recommend that you consult our guide on the subject.

Keeper's Assistant Uniform

To unlock this costume you must first complete all the assignments that will be assigned to you during your adventure within the FBC by Ahti the Keeper.

Candidate Complete P7

This outfit can be recovered during the main mission The Face of the Enemy, or after it completely, while exploring the First Candidate Program department. Once in this area, you will have to look for a room marked with the plaque P7: enter and interact with the open locker on the left, near the whiteboard, in order to unlock the costume in question.

Secretary Suit

This costume, much like the Director Suit, can be obtained fully automatically after completing the game's last main mission, Take Control.

In addition to these six unlockable outfits, there are three others that could only be obtained via pre-order bonuses and as an exclusive for day-one purchase: as a result, these three additional costumes can no longer be obtained in any way .

We remind you that Control is free in February on Playstation Plus, in its Ultimate Edition version with free upgrade for PS5 (available from February 2nd) while Control has recently entered the Xbox Game P catalog ass in Standard version.

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