Control: how to solve the Roulette Riddle and unlock an extra outfit

Control: how to solve the Roulette Riddle and unlock an extra outfit
The latest work by the Remedy boys, Control, is a game full of mysteries and puzzles to be solved using the telekinetic powers of the protagonist, Jesse. One of them, the roulette puzzle, will allow you to unlock the additional Golden Suit for Jesse.

This puzzle is found within the Luck and Probability department of the Federal Bureau of Control, located at the inside the Research Sector: to reach this new wing of the gigantic complex you must first obtain the magnetic card that will allow you to access all the doors with a security level of 5. To get this tile you will have to complete the sixth main mission of the game, entitled Threshold.

Once you reach the Fortune and Probability department, you will notice two rooms separated by a sort of grate: in one of these there is roulette, or the protagonist of this guide: to get the Golden Suit, in fact, you will have to make sure that, by spinning the roulette wheel, the number indicated by this is 7. To do this you will have to manipulate your luck in some way, and it is no coincidence that both rooms are full of good luck items. So here are the steps to follow to complete this puzzle:

Turn on all 4 lamps in the same room as the roulette wheel Go back to the other room and interact with the horseshoe on the desk so that the two points are pointing upwards Always in the same room, interact with both Newton's cradles present (i.e. those decorative objects with balls tied by small cords that hit each other continuously) in such a way as to stop them In the same room, also make sure that the paw of the oriental fortune cat is in motion The next move to make will be to collect the four-leaf clover and replant it in the vase placed on the table near the roulette wheel, the one that also houses an old TV.The last object to be moved will be the statuette depicting a golden fish: this object must be placed on the red carpet located under the roulette table, as close to the roulette wheel as possible. Jesse's telekinetic powers will come in handy to move this item. Finally, make sure that the playing chips on the roulette table are placed on number 7.After completing all these preparations, you can finally spin the roulette wheel, but make sure you step away from the red carpet immediately, otherwise your chances of hitting the number 7 will decrease. you will have done everything correctly, the roulette will stop on number 7 and you will unlock the Golden Suit, while if the number is different from 7 a fire extinguisher inside the room will explode.

We remind you that Control is free to February on Playstation Plus, in its Ultimate Edition version, while Control recently entered the Xbox Game Pass catalog in its Standard version. To learn more about the game, we refer you to the review of Control for PlayStation 5.

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