Control: guide to weapon mods, where to find them and Astral Creations

Control: guide to weapon mods, where to find them and Astral Creations
In Control, weapon and character mods are a key part of gameplay, enhancing skills, stats and service weapons. Let's see what it is and how to best use them in the fight against Hiss.

Control is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers, the Remedy game presents a great possibility of customization in the style of play, which reflects the variety of situations and approaches encountered during the plot. In fact, each fight can be managed in a unique and different way from the previous one, and to make everything more interesting, the random component offered by the many weapon and personal mods takes over.

Both types of mods can be found in a variety of ways, ranging from the usual opening of crates to crafting via Astral Creations. Since you will never know which enemies you will encounter, make sure you always have a good supply of mods available, remembering that they are generated by the game in a completely random way.

Personal mods and weapon mods in Control , what are they

These are items to be used to improve Jesse's abilities and stats, including his service weapons, to better deal with the paranormal threat posed by the Hiss.

Early in the game, you can only equip one weapon mod and one personal mod; this limit can be increased as you progress through the game and spend skill points. At the end you will have 3 weapon mods (per weapon type) and 3 personal mods at the same time. Equipping or changing mods is very simple, just use the inventory of the game's main menu, which can be consulted at any time. Don't forget to constantly update your equipped mods as you continue your journey within the Federal Bureau, as you will face increasing challenges and need to be ready to adapt your play style to the situation.

Where to find mods in Control

First of all, remember that all mods in the game are randomly generated: there is no way to predict the type of mod or the place where will find. One of the easiest ways to collect them is to defeat the Hiss creatures and open the containers you will find during your investigation in the Bureau of Control. Additionally, completing main and side missions will grant you mods as a reward. The "Countermeasures" type missions will also provide you with mods, but with the advantage of knowing in advance the level of rarity. These are optional tasks that you will encounter along the adventure and that require the elimination of a specific type of enemy or the "cleaning" of a specific sector of the Bureau to be completed.

To start a mission Countermeasure (and redeem the rewards upon completion) you must go to the Central Executive Checkpoint.

Finally, you may also decide to create your own mods using Astral Creations.

Astral Creations in Control

Thanks to the Astral Creations menu you can get weapon mods and personal mods by spending a certain amount of Source (the main resource of the game) and materials; however, the product of this process is random. The various Control Points scattered throughout the Bureau are the place to access the Astral Constructs. At the beginning of the game you will only be able to create mods with a "common" rarity level, but as you progress you will be able to obtain increasingly rare mods by increasing the Construct level. unlock by spending Source and materials. This will give you access to a selection of mods, both personal and weapon, of superior quality. But remember that you will never know in advance the type of mod you will get and its effects. If you don't like the list of mods on the Construct screen, you can always spend 1000 Source points to reset it and create new ones.

Rarity of mods

Both mod types, either weapon that personal, have a level called rarity which represents their power and the number of bonuses they guarantee. The rarity also dictates how many resources you will get by taking apart a mod, but we'll talk about that in a moment. Mod rarity levels are classified with a color and a Roman numeral, as follows:

Common - Gray - I Uncommon - Turquoise - II Rare - Blue - III Prime - Bronze - IV Absolute - Red - V

Disassembling mods

The inventory space dedicated to mods is not infinite: you can carry up to 24 weapon mods and 24 personal mods. When you run out of space to collect new mods, it's time to take some of them apart and retrieve some material.

To delete a mod you no longer need, simply go to the mod screen, select the one you want unmount and hold the dedicated button, Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) on the controller. As we said before, disassembling a mod will not only free up an inventory slot, but will also make you return a certain amount of Source in your pocket, useful for creating new mods, determined by the rarity level of the one we are destroying:

Common - 50 Uncommon Source - 100 Rare Source - 250 Prime Source - 500 Absolute Source - 1000 Source Before leaving you with the complete list of mods that you will find in Control, it is good to specify that some weapon mods are universal, that is, they can be mounted on any shape of the weapon, while others are specific to a particular shape. Remember that you can change your equipped mods at any time via the pause menu.

List of Mods

Let's start with a list of mods that can be equipped on any Form.

Accuracy Bonus: Increases weapon accuracy Consecutive Kills Bonus: Increases weapon damage after a kill Damage Bonus: Increases weapon damage Energy Recovery: Increases the energy received from headshots with the weapon Bonus Headshots: Increases damage from headshots Levitating Ammo Efficiency: Decreases ammo cost during Levitation Low Vitality Bonus: Increases damage when Vitality is low Fire Rate Bonus: Increases weapon rate of fire Efficient Reload: Increases Reload Speed ​​Armor Damage: Increases Weapon Damage Against Enemy Armor

Weapon Mod for Charge Form

Charge Blast Bonus: Increases Blast Radius C Speed Arica: Increases the speed of the bullet

Weapon mod for the Piercing shape

Magnification Bonus Perforation: Increases the magnification of the weapon. for the Shatter form Bullet Choke Shatter: decreases the dispersion of the bullet Bullet Bonus Shatter: increases the damage of the projectiles Shatter Recoil Efficiency: decreases the recoil of the weapon Shatter

Weapon mod for the Haste form

Haste Rate Bonus: Increases the rate of fire of the weapon in Haste form

Weapon mods valid for Grapple, Shatter, and Haste weapon forms

Ammo Efficiency: Decreases ammo cost per shot If you want to know more on the game we refer you to the review of Control Ultimate Edition for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, on you will also find the guide to unlock all Jesse's costumes.

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