Constantine - HBO Max and JJ Abrams working on the reboot?

Constantine - HBO Max and JJ Abrams working on the reboot?

Yesterday the rumor began to circulate that HBO Max and Bad Robot, the production company of JJ Abrams, would have started working on a reboot of Constantine. It would be a spin-off TV series of the already confirmed Justice League Dark that we had talked about in depth in our article.

The rumor would have been corroborated in the last hours by the reliable Deadline who has even already associated a showrunner and lead writer with the project. The new series is also described in very dark tones.

Constantine - the first details on the reboot

According to what reported by Deadline, Guy Bolton will be in charge of the script. The writer, as British as the character, recently sold the rights to his latest novel The Pictures to David Mackenzie's Sigma Film (Hell or High Water, Outlaw King) and signed the pilot of the original series The Croupier (produced by Gentleman Jack, Lookout Point and Sky). The script is expected to be evaluated in March along with other DC projects under development and supervision by Bad Robot for HBO Max.

There are also interesting rumors regarding the protagonist of the series. It would be a young British actor of bipoc ethnicity (black, Indigenous and people of color). We would therefore be looking for an actor of ethnicity linked to the British cultural background (of Indian, Pakistani or black origin) and as a reference for the casting there would be actor Riz Ahmed.

Recall that the character, created by Alan Moore, had the features of Sting. In the past, Keanu Reeves was given the face of the character in the 2005 film of the same name directed by Francis Lawrence and Matt Ryan who after the unfortunate TV series of the same name produced by NBC that lasted just one season was adopted by The CW's Arrowverse appearing in Arrow and then becoming series regular in DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

The other projects in development for HBO Max

HBO Max recently confirmed the development of other spin-off projects such as the TV series starring the Gotham City Police Department set in the same narrative universe of The Batman by Matt Reeves and Peacemaker, the spin-off series of The Suicide Squad developed by James Gunn starring John Cena.

Justice League Dark is instead the "team" in charge of facing threats related to magic and whose adventures often cross over into horror territories. In her latest incarnation she is led by Wonder Woman.

Justice League Dark was one of the first three DC projects developed for the HBO Max platform after the Green Lantern TV series and the Strange anthology series Adventures. We do not currently know details on the project nor which characters will appear: it is difficult to involve Wonder Woman while it would be interesting to understand if DC, Warner Bros. and Abrams want to exploit the Swamp Thing seen on the homonymous DC Universe series.

Il project has been announced several times, postponed and reworked, passing among others as a film in the hands of Guillermo Del Toro and Doug Liman.

Born in 2011, the Justice League Dark was one of the main series of the New 52 above all with the arrival of Jeff Lemire to the lyrics. The series was then relaunched a few months ago by current Batman writer James Tynion IV.

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