The best TV series of 2020 according to CulturaPOP editorial staff

The best TV series of 2020 according to CulturaPOP editorial staff
We are at the end of a very particular year also and above all for the difficult vicissitudes in the world of cinema, from production, to distribution, to fruition. However, this did not preclude the release of interesting titles, which the editors of CulturaPOP have recovered to refresh the memory of all readers and cinephiles with the list of the best TV series of 2020. We have compiled our personal TOP 5 of the productions of 2020, which we share with you all. What were our choices? Let's find out together in this roundup accompanied by some brief comments from our editors.

The best TV series of 2020 - Francesca Sirtori

Unhortodox (Netflix)

Shira Haas, protagonist of the original Netflix Unhortodox, tells a glimpse of life so hidden as to seem surreal, actually quite true and proposed in a miniseries to be experienced in one breath, the same breath that remains suspended due to the discomfort that reality creates in us crude and illogical of an excessively conservative and anachronistic tradition. In the case of Esty, a singular stigma arises, but not at all rare (unfortunately): she is accused of being "different" because since she was a child she has asked herself many, too many questions about what surrounds her. Questioning oneself, asking oneself the reason and cause of what is happening in a word, "reason". Make your head work, break the mold, look beyond the increasingly tall and narrow wall that creates that comfort zone dictated by tradition, routine, patterns and preconceptions dictated by someone whose existence we most likely ignore. Esty teaches to give voice to one's nature and to silence the voices in the head, to break the suffocating chains to recreate a new plot, following the words of the Talmud, one of the sacred texts of Judaism: If not me, who? If not now, when?

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