Borderlands 3: DLC Directors Cut will be released in March 2021

Borderlands 3: DLC Directors Cut will be released in March 2021
Season Pass 2 owners will enjoy the latest Borderlands 3 DLC pack, The Director's Cut, on March 18, 2021. The add-on is available both as a pass and individually and sends you into battle against a powerful raid boss. You can also look forward to new locations and even gameplay elements. While the Designer's Cut introduced the Püller-Parade game mode and new skill trees for the Vault Hunter - and was received extremely negatively by fans on Steam - the Director's Cut focuses on a fresh series of quests and a classic raid with a boss. In addition, there will of course be tons of cosmetic items for free play again.

The new boss is Hemovorous, the invincible, a gigantic Varkid that should be very difficult to defeat and that has extremely valuable items in its luggage becomes. Requirements for a confrontation with the giant insect are the completion of the main campaign and 500 iridium, which you must have looted with your troops. The special thing about Hemevorous is that its strength also scales with levels over 35 as well as with your chaos mode level, making it a particularly tough challenge. It is said to be one of the most difficult opponents in the entire game and is designed as absolute endgame content.

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In addition, all kinds of behind-the-scenes material is included with the Director's Cut that shows the making of Borderlands 3 (buy now € 32.32 / 53, 99 €). Storyboards, edited content, concept graphics and more give you an impression of the turbulent production of the looter shooter.

With Heartbreak Day, a seasonal event is coming back that will run from February 11th to 25th. There are special weapons and cosmetic items to loot again.

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