Useful accessories for smartworking

Useful accessories for smartworking
Whether it is an exceptional measure or has become the practice in your business, smartworking is now more than ever a type of work extended to many of us. Both for those who apply it daily and for those approaching this world for the first time, we suggest a series of accessories and "gadgets" that can make your work from home or on the move much more enjoyable (but also when you are in office, the important thing is to lighten the moments of work)!

Smart Working, how to do an office at home

Articles and useful accessories for smartworking

AVM Fritz! Box 7530 and 7590 Router - NEW ITEMS Powerbank - NEW ITEMS Airpods headphones and covers Mice and mats External hard drives Cups and thermos LENOVO display, keyboard and mouse set ASUS Router Tables, stands and chairs

AVM Fritz! Box Router - NEW ARTICLES

To make it easier for you to connect from home, whether for work or leisure, we recommend some AVM brand routers with the Fritz! Box series. Among these we point out AVM FRITZ! Box 7530 International Modem Router, Wireless Veloce AC + N 1266 Mbit / s, with the following features: AC + N WiFi router (866 MBit / s + 400 MBit / s), Mesh, for greater speed and better coverage, VDSL / profile 35B modem, WAN port for connectivity with cable modem or fiber optic terminal, 4x Gigabit LAN for connecting computers and game consoles, 1 USB 3.0 input for printers, storage devices network, media server (UPnP AV), FRITZ! NAS. Telephone switchboard for IP telephony (VoIP) with automatic answering machine (Voice to Mail) and Fax, integrated DECT base for 6 cordless phones, 1 port for analog telephone and configurable parental control, with periodic updates, user interface in Italian. The package contains the FRITZ! Box 7530 router, 4 m DSL connection cable, 1.5 m LAN cable, power supply, quick installation guide in Italian. We also offer the most powerful solution, AVM FRITZ! Box 7590.

»Click here to buy AVM FRITZ! Box 7530

» Click here to buy AVM FRITZ! Box 7590

Powerbank - NEW ITEMS

We don't always have power sockets available to connect to; let's not despair and buy a nerdy powerbank to make up for this lack, choosing from many nice Disney characters and taken from the world of Harry Potter, to allow us not to run out of power at any time!

»Click here to buy the powerbank by Hagrid

»Click here to buy the Harry Potter powerbank

» Click here to buy the Luna Lovegood powerbank

»Click here to buy the Poké Ball powerbank

»Click here to buy Olaf's powerbank

» Click here to buy Minnie's powerbank

»Click here to buy Batman's powerbank

Headphones and covers for airpods

Do you call constantly or just want to isolate yourself from the world and listen to some music from your PC or phone? We offer some examples of headphones or, for those who are more technological and have Apple in-ear headphones, covers for your airpods, to protect them from bumps and falls wherever you are!

»Click here to buy the Avengers-themed in-ear headphones

»Click here to buy Batman-themed airpods cover

» Click here to buy Spiderman-themed headphones

»Click here to buy Spiderman themed airpods cover

»Click here to buy Groot themed airpods cover

» Click here to buy Slytherin themed headphones

Mouse and mats

Do you have a laptop but you are not comfortable without using a mouse? We will immediately satisfy you with themed suggestions, always original and unique, thanks to a series of wireless optical mice that you can use anywhere and without the use of cables. Also we indicate some mouse pads, comfortable mats that will make your work smoother!

»Click here for the Iron Man gold wireless optical mouse

» Click here for the Iron black wireless optical mouse Man

»Click here for Captain Marvel's mouse pad

» Click here for Star Wars's mouse pad

External hard drives

You no longer know where to save your documents? We fix the situation with a series of external hard drives that can do for you, with lots of memory available to always carry with you and not to be without space where you can save documents, photos, images, videos and everything you need to work. with agility and in complete safety!

»Click here for black hard disk Portable USB3.1 SATA HDD Storage for PC, Mac, Desktop, Laptop, MacBook

» Click here for USB hard disk 3.1 External Hard Drive for Mac, PC, PS4, Desktop, Laptop, MacBook, Chromebook, Xbox

»Click here for 4TB black hard drive

Cups and thermos

Proper hydration is always important, even when we work, let's not forget! This is why we recommend mugs and thermos to always carry with you and keep by your side while you are at work, in the office and at home. Mugs that invite you to stay at home, like the ceramic “Stay At Home”, the one with Pusheen or Wonderwoman, or the stainless steel thermos “Gamer at work”.

»Click here to buy the Stay cup At Home

»Click here to buy the Gamer at work thermos

» Click here to buy the mug with Pusheen

»Click here to buy the thermo with Pusheen

»Click here to buy the Gamer at work mug

» Click here to buy the Wonderwoman mug

LENOVO display, keyboard and mouse set

The set that we recommend is definitely suitable for smartworking in your home, as it includes: 1 21.5 ″ Full HD display with 1920 x 1080 VA 250nits resolution; with this screen you will enjoy detailed and sharp images. 1 Intel Core i3-8145u processor (2c / 4t, 2.1 / 3.9 GHz, 4 MB); with this processor you have excellent performance with low consumption. 1 Storage 1 TB HDD 5400 rpm 2.5 ″ to have all the space you need to store your work documents. 1 RAM 1 x 4 GB dimm DDR4-2666; a high-performance RAM. 1 black keyboard and 1 USB mouse for an elegant and minimal design. 1 integrated 9.0 mm dvd +/- rw player.

»Click here to buy the LENOVO integrated smartworking set

ASUS router

The ASUS router proves to be a good ally for home wifi internet connection, thanks to these features: current at 300 mbps (2.4ghz) and 867 mbps (5ghz), 4 gigabit lan ports offer extended connectivity and 1 usb 2.0 port allows you to connect the usb disk for a quick file sharing, asus wrt dashboard for easy router setup and management, alongside using the asus router app to control your network anywhere. 802.11 ac beamforming and four high-performance antennas optimize wi-fi coverage.

»Click here to buy the ASUS RT-AC57U v2 Router

Tables, stands and chairs

Let's continue with some useful tools to better organize work from home, starting with the Office Chair Swivel Chair, stable, ergonomic and reliable. The 5-star base with a diameter of 70cm is reliable and with a maximum load capacity of 150kg, total height: 114-124cm; backrest height: approx. 76 cm, base diameter: Φ approx. 70 cm, seat dimensions: 55 cm × 50 cm (W × L), armrest height: 68-78 cm, 360 ° rotation. The tilting mechanism allows you to adapt to body positions and it is also possible to lock the seat and backrest in the original position. The seat height is adjustable from 46 cm to 56 cm, all screws are anti-loosening. We also recommend the Computer holder for working from home and in Smartworking, with fully adjustable ergonomic support for laptops, thanks to an innovative and ergonomic table, adjustable for laptop. An anthracite-colored metal structure, which also includes a rotating tray for mouse pads and leg covers in transparent polycarbonate. Compatible with laptops from 10 "to 17", thanks to the Coolfit rubber pads that allow maximum stability and an optimized design with mousepad for the best comfort of use with external mouse.

»Click here to buy the ergonomic chair swivel

»Click here to buy the support table for PC

» Click here to buy the support table for PC and tablet

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