Nier Automata: Cheat code gets you through the game in no time

Nier Automata: Cheat code gets you through the game in no time
In a Famitsu interview in 2018, producer Yoko Taro mentioned that there is still a secret in Nier: Automata, which has not yet been revealed. For a long time, the question was whether this was just a translation error, since the magazine appears exclusively in Japanese. As it turned out: no, because after Lance Mcdonald presented his new discovery of a cheat code that lets you skip the whole game online, Yoko Taro answered him personally via Twitter. Shortly afterwards, the official English Twitter account also congratulated the modder. Ultimately, the Japanese account of NieR confirmed that this was the said, last secret of the game.

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On Playstation: Hold R2, Up, Down, Up, Left, Square, Circle, Triangle, X.

With the Xbox controller: Hold down RT, up, down, up, left, X, B, Y, A.

If the project was successful, the picture slowly fades out and you are in the screen that normally appears after the credits. Congratulations, you've played through Nier: Automata (buy now)! Somehow. Now everything is available to you, which you normally only unlock when you have completely gambled through the game.

If you haven't had enough of the NieR universe after this crazy run through, you don't have to wait long. A new edition of NieR: Replicant will be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in April 2021.

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