Naughty Dog elects the best games of 2020: from Ghost of Tsushima to Spider-Man

Naughty Dog elects the best games of 2020: from Ghost of Tsushima to Spider-Man
Even the best in the industry let themselves be inspired by their colleagues: the guys at Naughty Dog would never have been able to create The Last of Us Part 2, one of the best video games around as well as the most awarded of 2020, if they were not surrounded by a medium in continuous evolution.

For this reason, before throwing themselves headlong into the challenges of the new year, the cagnacci have well thought of choosing what, according to them, have been the best video games of this difficult 2020. The list is introduced by this message: "As we face a new year full of possibilities, it is natural to become sentimental. 2020 was the year of never-before-seen challenges, but as we closed our doors and felt more disconnected. than ever, it was games that inspire and bring us together, giving us incredible experiences that continue to expand the narrative, technological and artistic boundaries of the medium ".

The best video games of 2020 according to Naughty Dog

Ghost of Tsushima, chosen by: Christian Gyrling (Vice President), Kurt Margenau (Co-Game Director) and Patrick Goss (Quality Assurance Director ); Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales, chosen by: Ewan Wells (Co-President) and Rob Krekel (Audio Director); Fall Guys, chosen by: Neil Druckmann (Co-President) and Vinit Agarwal (Game Director); Astro's Playroom, chosen by: Eric Panigilinan (Art Director) and Wayon Brinck (Development Director); Demon's Souls, chosen by: Jeremy Yates (Animation Director); Final Fantasy VII Remake, chosen by: Ashley Swidowski (Character Art Director); For the King, chosen by: Richard Cambier (Game Director); Griftlands, chosen by: Arne Meyer (Director of Communications); No Man's Sky, chosen by: Anthony Newman (Co-Game Director); The most voted overall was Ghost of Tsushima, with three preferences. As you may have noticed, there are some games that have come out in the past few years. No Man's Sky was considered worthy of this list for the long support and for the release of the free update for PS5 this year, while For the King, quite simply, was discovered by Cambier only this year. Do you agree with the choices made by Naughty Dog's top management?

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