Huawei revolutionizes AppGallery, the challenge to the Google Play Store becomes exciting

Huawei revolutionizes AppGallery, the challenge to the Google Play Store becomes exciting
Those who use a smartphone with Google services on board can rely on the Google Play Store, a place where they can download their favorite apps. On the other hand, those who have decided to buy a Huawei device and consequently accept the challenge, will find the company's proprietary store, the AppGallery installed inside it and those who have had the opportunity to use it from the beginning will have seen the important changes and improvements obtained. in the course of these weeks.

The latest in chronological order has arrived in these hours and concerns the graphic layout, in fact the app has been completely redesigned and made easier to use. By logging in, you can immediately understand how the structure has been seen and how Huawei has decided to divide it into four main sections.

Specifically, the bar in the lower part has been revised with the inclusion of four categories, starting from that of the "Recommended", developed to highlight the apps closest to our interests and to highlight the latest news. Below we find the "App" item, useful for quickly searching the store for any application among the various categories and possibly installing it on your smartphone.

There is not even a section dedicated exclusively to "Games". Finally we find the one dedicated to the "User" in which it is possible, among other things, to access through your Huawei ID, search and install the latest app updates, check purchases made on the store as well as the presence of coupons that can be used for the download of paid applications. In general, the various submenus and contents available within each section have also been repositioned and made more pleasing to the eye.

As is now well known, the Chinese technology giant Huawei has had to face some serious problems in the last year and a half, from the stop to marketing with American supply chains and consequently also to the removal of all services Google from its new smartphones, following the ban imposed by the Trump administration in May 2019.

These choices would have put any company in difficulty and Huawei itself found itself having to face an immensely greater problem than but she certainly did not lose heart and in a short time she managed to put on the package of alternative functions to Google services, thus creating her own independent operating system and with a series of services created ad hoc for Huawei smartphones.

Beyond the graphic changes, it is undeniable that the number of apps on the proprietary store is growing dramatically, day after day, not only from a numerical point of view or but also from the qualitative one. It is still impossible to find all the apps seen on the Google Play Store in the Huawei counterpart but it is certain that the gap is gradually narrowing and that the Chinese company in a very short time has managed to build a decidedly important alternative to what Google has done. Apple over many years of development. And the advent of HarmonyOS will bring a new jolt to the entire tech industry.

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