Genshin Impact, "Hypostasis Symphony" event: tips for scoring as many points as possible and collecting Primo-gems.

Genshin Impact, Hypostasis Symphony event: tips for scoring as many points as possible and collecting Primo-gems.
A new event is available on Genshin Impact. Named "Hypostasis Symphony", this event will take you to a new dungeon to face pure Hypostases, earn points and exchange them for rewards. As part of our comprehensive Genshin Impact guide, we'll explain how this event works, and see with you the most dangerous boss attacks and how to avoid them.

Duration and conditions for participating in the event

The event will be available from January 16 until January 31, 2021. It You will need to be at least Adventure level 20 to be able to take part.

How the event unfolds

The event is made up of 7 challenges, which will be unlocked day after day . You will have to face boosted versions of the various Hypostases that you have previously faced in the world of Teyvat. Your goal will be to get the best score possible, and for that, in addition to the 4 available difficulties, you can add variations, which will make the fight more difficult, but which will improve your score.

The goal will So be to make the fight difficult enough to make a maximum of points, in order to have enough to buy everything in the store. To empty the latter, you will have to make a little less than 3000 points on each fight. It will be far from easy, so ideally, try to make at least 2000 points on each fight, to collect the most interesting rewards.

Note that you can invite your friends to facilitate the fights. Don't hesitate to do it!

Stone Sonata 1

Once again, the fight is very close to what you probably already had in the world of Teyvat to be able to improve your characters. The Stone Sonata will spawn pillars, and will be placed on top of one of them. You will have to destroy the pillar in question to make it fall and be able to hit it.

One of the biggest differences, and difficulty, about this fight, is that this time around the other pillars are going to bombard you while you try to destroy one. You will therefore have to turn around it and avoid these projectiles as much as possible. You will also be able to pick up Geo Crystals after a pillar is destroyed which will reduce the damage of these attacks. The other difficulty is the kind of Geo seal that targets you. Unlike the usual combat in Teyvat's world, he won't send out just one, but 3 attacks in a row. You will therefore have to run, and dash to avoid them. For the rest, don't forget to break the Geo square to protect yourself from its near-fatal attack near the pillars, and to destroy the latter once its life bar is empty to prevent it from coming back.

Here is the list of characters boosted in this fight:

Klee Razor Noƫlle Bennett Ideally use Razor or a character with excellent damage on his attacks to destroy the pillars. For the variations, use the ones you can, you can try the 180 seconds because the fight goes rather quickly. Try to reach at least 2860 points.

Storm intermezzo 1

The storm intermezzo is pretty close to the one you know, of course with some changes. You will see blocks on the ground, which you can break. These will spawn an Anemo vortex that will allow you to take flight. These blocks will be useful for 3 attacks in particular:

Avoid the tornadoes that the Storm Intermezzo will spawn on the ground When it sucks the Anemo spheres to perform 3 attacks that will cover the ground and you Will do massive damage When it transforms and soars into the air, then you will need to hit it with a top down attack. For the rest, everything is almost similar to the Anemo hypostasis already present in the world of Teyvat. Once its life bar is empty, fly away to retrieve Anemo's spheres, and thus prevent it from coming back to life.

Here is the list of the characters that are boosted on this boss:

Fischl Xingqiu Keqing Albedo
Fischl Xingqiu Keqing Albedo

Electric Concerto 1

Electric Hypostasis uses much of the same attacks you have encountered before, but much more powerful. Electric blocks are placed all around him, and activate as soon as they are hit by Electro-type damage, whether from you or the boss.

One of his new attacks is to send three electric orbs at you, one after the other. The orb on the ground will follow you, and to avoid it, you will therefore have to let it approach and dodge it, jump over it ... being careful of its explosion.

One of its deadliest attacks consist in trying to hit you with its rays which make a 360 ° rotation. To avoid the attack, rush towards the crystal in the center, which will also allow you to put damage.

Once its life is almost empty, it will separate into several small crystals that will have to be destroyed to end the fight.

For the recommended characters, 4 characters see their damage increased by 20% during this challenge:

Ganyu Xingling Diluc Chongyun So using them might help you. We strongly recommend a Pyro-type character, such as Klee or Diluc, to really hurt Hypostasis. Other characters will do, like Razor, Keqing, Diona, Bennett, Kaeya, Barbara, Amber will also do.

Again, call on some friends to make this event easier for you, which is by far the most difficult since the release of Genshin Impact.

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