The best Smartboxes to give at Christmas

The best Smartboxes to give at Christmas
In view of Christmas, we have created numerous guides that could help you choose the perfect gift to do this year, but if after reading our articles you still don't have clear ideas about what to donate, the problem may lie in the fact that you probably shouldn't focus on a physical product, such as televisions, smartphones and the like, but on an experience that can make you spend one or more days in total relaxation or, if you are sporty, take part in an adrenaline-filled adventure.

Giving this type of experience is very simple thanks to gift boxes, better known as smartboxes. The latter are nothing more than small cardboard boxes containing offers and coupons for a variety of experiences, both for individuals and couples, as well as packages for the whole family. Travel, treatments, restaurants: a smartbox can be used to have any experience, being able to choose an infinite number of places to go, including abroad.

Using a smartbox is really child's play, since once bought, all you have to do is insert the so-called "gift check" in your account and then choose one of the many experiences available. We reiterate that the latter are really numerous and with this article we wanted to collect those that are, in our opinion, the most interesting, as well as those that are best suited as a possible Christmas gift.

N.B. : Obviously given the historical moment in which we live it will be difficult to exploit this gift in the short term, or at least until the COVID situation is resolved, but these Smartboxes have a duration of 39 months, so there is plenty of time to be able to exploit calmly.

Christmas smartbox

Farewell to stress Escape and relaxation Invitation to dinner Happiness for two 3-day escape Engines on the track Escape from the city 3 days on the run in Europe Passions and adventure 3 days in family

Goodbye to stress

2020 was a difficult year for various reasons that we are not here to list, which is why it could prove fruitful to buy a package that can eliminate the stress created in recent months. The “Goodbye to stress for 2” smartbox does just that, providing you with 2,700 treatments to choose from. Designed for 2 people, this box offers a selection of wonderful wellness oases, splendid locations dedicated to wellness and magical places where you can find the perfect balance between body and mind. Between accesses to the Spa with sauna and Turkish bath, face and body treatments and much more, it will be an unmissable wellness experience for two. In short, a gift that for many could prove to be much more attractive than a physical product, as well as all the other smartboxes listed below.

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Escape and relaxation

If saunas and various face and body treatments are not for you, a couple of days in an area where relaxation reigns only could be the best solution. In fact, what could be better than a relaxing getaway to share with a special person? Many proposals for a one night stay with breakfast in farmhouses and 3-star hotels embellished with a sweet moment of well-being to forget everyday tension and stress. With over 200 stays to choose from, a small break with a rustic and welcoming charm for two is undoubtedly one of the best experiences you can have.

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Invitation to dinner

You can also have fun sitting at the table and if you don't believe it we suggest you try the experience offered by the "Invitation to dinner" smartbox, which allows you to enjoy what it will surely prove to be an unforgettable evening, both for you and for the lucky one who will sit next to you. Exotic and distant flavors, ancient tastes of the tradition of Italian cuisine and its imaginative and original reinterpretations will be the protagonists of this box. Two or three-course dinners that you can choose from among 1,200 restaurants, where aromas and colors will stimulate sight and smell and give a riot of flavors that will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

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Happiness for two

If the smartboxes reported so far do not contain what you were looking for, then it might be interesting to focus on the "Happiness for two" box, since it allows you to choose 6,000 experiences for 2 people. With this smartbox you can select beautiful and relaxing moments for couples in the pursuit of relaxation, fitness or taste scattered practically throughout Italy. Moments of well-being, delicious tastings, stimulating fitness activities: many opportunities to indulge in the pleasure of unique emotions enclosed in a box to be experienced and which will certainly prove to be an excellent Christmas gift.

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3-day escape

If you think that one or two days is not enough to eliminate stress, then we recommend that you consider the "3-day escape" package , which offers an "escape" between taste and relaxation, that is the two ingredients that always make everyone agree. Obviously, there are many opportunities that you can choose from in this box, which offers two-night stays with breakfast and two delicious dinners in farmhouses and 3-star hotels. Ideal for a holiday for two to rediscover the pleasure of outdoor life and good food.

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Motori in track

If you have a passion for engines and you like beautiful cars (who doesn't like them?), then you can't miss the experience of driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini in one of the many circuits around Italy . Valid for one or two people, this package will offer you unique and unrepeatable sensations to be discovered, to vent energy and grit with exciting experiences under the sign of engines and passions. Admit it, driving a supercar is anyone's dream and even if at the end of this experience you will have to get out of the car (trust me, it will be difficult after experiencing what it is like to tame so many horses under the hood) and go back to driving your small car. , we believe that getting into a car worth hundreds of thousands of euros at least once in your life is one of the experiences to do. Action, adrenaline and speed are guaranteed!

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Escape from the city

It looks like the title of an action movie, but there we assure you that this is the umpteenth experience that deserves to be taken into consideration not only to make a nice Christmas gift, but also to give oneself unforgettable moments as only smartboxes like this can do. Valid for 2 people, this box allows you to temporarily get away from the hectic pace of the city, giving you two days of total relaxation to rediscover the pleasure of life in the open air. An unforgettable night followed by a rich breakfast in a B&B, agritourism or 3-star hotel: the perfect dream to live in two among the bright colors of nature and breathtaking landscapes.

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3 days on the run in Europe

It's not the best time to travel but it's not a problem as most smartboxes are valid for more than 3 years, so you have everything the time to wait for the situation to return to normal and if you feel the need to leave the beautiful country to visit and discover some of the most beautiful places in Europe, the "3 days on the run in Europe" package is certainly the one that will satisfy your needs needs, offering you almost 3,000 stays in wonderful cities. A 2-night stay with breakfast, chosen from among the proposed destinations, is the perfect trip for a holiday of relaxation and fun. An escape to discover the most beautiful corners of the old continent to live with a special person.

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Passions and adventure

If you love sports and want to try an adrenaline-pumping experience, the “Passions and Adventure” box is definitely for you and with 5,300 types of adventures, you will certainly be spoiled for choice. A sporting experience full of adrenaline but above all fun in contact with nature. Exciting activities to discover the skies, rivers, roads and countryside for 1 or 2 people to always be ready for a new adventure. A gift not only appreciated, but to be experienced!

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3 days with the family

We know it, work and everything else unfortunately mean that the time to devote to the family is very limited and who would not prefer that the days were 36 hours instead of 24. Also in this case, however, the purchase of a smartbox could prove to be the best solution and we are sure that the “3 days in the family” package will be able to give you that happiness you need. Nothing will be more regenerating than a stay to be spent with the family, far from everyday life, in charming farmhouses and hotels up to 4 stars carefully selected. Two nights with breakfast, for 2 adults and 2 children, to forget the stress and let yourself be pampered.

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