Starlancer to fill the gap until Squadron 42 appears? Almighty!

Starlancer to fill the gap until Squadron 42 appears? Almighty!
The Jakobshavn Isbræ is considered to be the fastest glacier in the world. He progresses a staggering seven kilometers a year. As a disgruntled Kickstarter supporter, it reminds me a lot of Star Citizen. Fortunately, Jakobshavn Isbræ is in Greenland. If the ice stream had to race through the pedestrian zone of Santa Monica near Los Angeles, it would look old because the developers of Cloud Imperium Games are located there and it has no flasher. Am I being too harsh on company boss Chris Roberts when I comment on the ten years of development so far? I'll try again differently. Less polemical. Fairer.

It has been eight years since Roberts, the famous dad of Wing Commander (1990), publicly announced his new baby. During such a period of time, the US managed to pull off the moon landing. Mind you, I'm not talking about the text-based computer game The Lunar Landing Game (1969), but a big thing - with a real spaceship and real people and such.

Bäm! Here a powerful coalition ship breaks apart. Our alter ego enjoys from the cockpit perspective. The explosions are still powerful today. Source: PC Games

My eight-year-old Filius learned to speak between 2012 and today ("I'm your son Luke, father!"), He can read, write, do arithmetic and run across water, at least when playing ice hockey. Star Citizen, on the other hand, still presents itself as a bulky alpha multiplayer thingy that can only be operated by people who previously short-circuited and stolen space shuttles in Cape Canaveral.

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