Red Bull Factions 2020: here are the protagonists of the final on Saturday night

Red Bull Factions 2020: here are the protagonists of the final on Saturday night
Only a handful of hours separate us from the final event of this fifth and exceptional edition of Red Bull Factions which, due to the well-known issues that also involve the export sector, takes place entirely in the private homes of the competitors.

A virtual arena just as crowded as the real ones seen in the previous rounds, certainly will not miss all the warmth and enthusiasm for what has become an unmissable event for all export enthusiasts of the Peninsula.

For this reason, Red Bull has several surprises in store to entertain the connected audience on the official Red Bull Italia Twitch channel starting at 8.00 pm on Saturday 5 December. The first team called to compete for the scepter of the Red Bull Factions 2020 champion, responds to the name of Mkers. With an unprecedented streak of victories, they reach qualification with full points and undisputed favorites for the final victory.

Thomas 'Phoma' Kifle, Head Coach of Mkers rookies in this new discipline, declares: “We are undoubtedly the favorite team to win this final, but precisely for this reason we cannot let our guard down and we must remain focused on the goal because we are aware of what our opponents are capable of ".

The Mkers team that will go down in Landa is made up of: Gabbo, Cohle, Taba, Raxxo and Four. The guys from GG & Beer, a real surprise in a competition that always offers unexpected twists, are the second team in the running for the coveted trophy.

“We had some setbacks in the qualifying phase. And I am sure that we have not yet expressed our full potential. Our opponents are certainly the team to beat, but I think we will reach the final in our best form and we will see some good ones ”. These are the words of Head Coach Noah "coeus' High, who shares the excitement with the GG & Beer team made up of: Deidara, Fallen, Dehaste, Counter and DarkChri99.

Accompanying the live show with competence and analysis on time for everything that will happen on screen, there will be Francesco 'Deugemo' Lombardo, the official Analyst Deck of the event. He too eagerly awaits what may happen next Saturday, he adds: "To make a summary of what has been and that may be, the tournament was definitely spectacular as well as the new format really engaging for us commentators. For the final, I expect new strategic moves from the Mkers. While for the GG & Beer I foresee a smaller number of possible strategies for put in the Rift, but I'm sure they will be performed perfectly. Will this be enough to beat the Mkers? "

Among the surprises of this special final appointment, there will be a demonstration match between two protagonists of the Italian esports scene which, with their talent and personality, have contributed greatly to the spread of culture and passion for digital competitions. In fact, there will be Paolo 'Paolocannone' Marcucci, who touched the final with team Nat, and Riccardo 'Reynor' Romiti to open the dance of this long-awaited event.

In addition, there will be room for another clash 'sui generis' with the Nat still as protagonists who will challenge a team made up of the best players of the other unqualified teams. The fifth edition of Red Bull Factions takes place with the technical and hardware contribution of two of the best performing brands in the export sector.

Tiziana Ena - PBU & Marketing Manager Acer Italy - declares: “We can't wait attend the final matches of this spectacular tournament and we are pleased to have supported the tournament with our products from the Predator line, the Acer's brand dedicated to hardcore gamers. ”

Stefan Sommer - Director Marketing and Business Management at AOC Europe - adds:“ We are really looking forward to enjoying the final play of this tournament. We are delighted that with our AOC monitors, thanks to a first-rate refresh rate and response times, we can offer the best solution for all professional gamers. ”

No one should make any commitments in view of the final of the Red Bull Factions, scheduled for December 5th starting at 20.00 live on the official Red Bull Italia Twitch channel.

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