PS5: the head of PlayStation Studios keeps it upside down, confused by the design?

PS5: the head of PlayStation Studios keeps it upside down, confused by the design?
PS5 is the protagonist of a curious case that, if nothing else, seems to demonstrate how its strange design seems to confuse the same prominent members of Sony, considering that it has emerged that even the head of PlayStation Studios holds the console upside down, unless behind there is no "trick" instead.

We are talking about Hermen Hulst, the new head of Sony Worldwide Studios, recently promoted to that prestigious role after leading Guerrilla Studios to various successes such as the creation of Horizon Zero Dawn and the Tenth Engine also used in Death Stranding.

Well, it seems that even Hulst has been somewhat confused by the particular design of the PS5, considering the tweet he posted in the past few hours, visible below: "My cat he wants his Bugsnax ", reads the message, with a nice photo of the house cat Hulst somewhat exalted by Bugsnax, so much so that he attacks the TV directly.

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What, however, can be even more pleasant, was noticed only by clicking on the image to see the video in an extensive way, which revealed how, under the TV, there was a PS5 standard edition positioned upside down, as has also happened to several users who are not very careful about the correct arrangement of the console.

The video seems to have been subsequently edited through a skilful and fast crop of the image because now PS5 is not seen and is out of frame, but this came anyway after the inevitable screenshot of the scene now immortalized in network.

It remains a nice episode, but one that could prove once again how the particular design of PS5 can present some problems, also for the fact that it does not give precise reference points to the user on its arrangement, considering that usually the optical reader is above the midline of the console, or should at least be visible even when looking from above.

However, considering how strange it is that a key element of Sony can make such a mistake, bizarre theories have also been unleashed in this regard: in the jokes unleashed after the tweet there are also somewhat nostalgic interventions, among which there are those who point out how the position upside down could be a trick to make the optical player work better, like in the old days of the first PlayStation.


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