Professional Influencer, the Tom's Hardware course and Event Horizon School

Professional Influencer, the Tom's Hardware course and Event Horizon School
Influencers have now begun to be part of the everyday life of each of us, but have you ever wondered how to become a Professional Influencer? and Event Horizon School, the school of digital arts in Milan, have started a collaboration to give us the answer to this question, creating the first course in Italy to become an Influencer: the Professional Influencer course. The master, starting towards the end of January 2021, is open to all people who love to share their creative ideas and create content for Social Media. Students will be able to acquire skills in three different disciplines, all equally important when intending to work in the world of influencers: Marketing, Videomaking and Photography.

Why study Influencers?

In an increasingly digitalized and connected world, it is increasingly important for companies to create content that is able to capture the attention of an increasingly public informed, thanks to the large amount of information available online, and less and less accustomed to looking at content for a long time. The search for an alternative approach, a different voice that can effectively tell a project to the public, has pushed brands to rely on the hands of these professionals. In reality, there is still an open debate about who influencers are and what they do. Commonly, the term influencer refers to a person with a large following on social media, capable of exercising power over his audience so as to change their purchasing behavior.

For this work of conviction to be possible, influencers must have the trust of their followers, who identify with them thanks to their spontaneity and their closeness, which is often more perceived than real. Their voice is that of a colleague, friend or neighbor, a person the public knows, and to whom he turns for advice. Knowing the world of Influencer Marketing, and all the professional opportunities that a master like the Professional Influencer course can give, is therefore essential for all those who wish to approach the world of digital communication. Those of Influencer, Social Media Manager, Influencer Manager, YouTube Network Specialist, Influencer Marketing Campaign Manager and Talent Scout are envisioned, in fact, as professions increasingly requested by companies.

Professional Influencer - i details

The Professional Influencer course will take place starting from January 20, 2021 and, thanks to the collaboration between and Event Horizon School, will see the participation of special teachers and guests. The master, lasting 200 hours, will be divided into theoretical modules, which will take place online, and practical, which will be carried out at the Milanese headquarters of Event Horizon School.

During the master, various cases of success, with testimonies from the technical representatives on the national scene and the most famous influencers, the participation of Nicola Palmieri and Mario Palladino, creators of the YouTube channel Quei Due Sul Server has already been confirmed. On the technical side, students will be able to enjoy the experience of names of the caliber of Roberto Buonanno, author, manager and entrepreneur, Andrea Ferrario, CEO of 3Labs Srl, and Denis Beqiri, talent manager. The most deserving students of the course will also have the opportunity to be selected for internships at leading companies in the sector. The course will cost € 2,999 per year.


The Marketing module will be held entirely online. During the lessons, students will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of marketing, from the definition of a brand to market analysis, and how to interact with the main social platforms, both from a practical point of view, through the study of the main tools social management, both from a strategic point of view. During the lessons, topics such as the creation of content will also be explored, which students will have the opportunity to experience thanks to dedicated workshops.


The Videomaking module will be held entirely online. During the lessons, students will be able to learn the basics of video production, from shooting to editing, deepening the animation techniques of texts and graphic elements.


The Photography module will be held in presence, at the Milan office of Event Horizon School. During the course, students will be able to learn how to best manage a photographic set, from the construction of the set to the framing, and will be able to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop, the most complete tool used by professionals, learning the basics of photo editing and post-production.

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