Pornhub loses pieces: the farewell of Visa and Mastercard

Pornhub loses pieces: the farewell of Visa and Mastercard
With over 100 billion videos played every year and more than 100 million hits daily, Pornhub is an online porn giant. However, the solidity of the site and its business could be undermined by what happened this week. A report published by the New York Times focused attention on the presence of videos depicting abuse. Two credit card giants like Visa and Mastercard immediately launched investigations in order to evaluate whether or not to continue their collaboration with the portal.

Visa and Mastercard stop Pornhub: the king of porn is naked

The decision was made and made official today: stop transactions. The two circuits therefore interrupt any movement of money to and from society. The new security measures introduced in a hurry by the platform to avert the risk, imposing a ban on uploading videos by unverified users and preventing the download of clips, so as to limit their subsequent unauthorized dissemination, were of no use. The replica of the site was not long in coming and is entrusted to an intervention on the official blog of which we report an extract in translated form below.

The disappointing news came today only two days after Pornhub introduced the most important changes ever for the security of a platform populated by user content, in addition to the existing protections. Unverified users are now unable to upload videos, a policy no other service has implemented. Only those in the Model and Content programs can do this and we are introducing a new verification process that will go live next year to allow users to verify and upload.

In the post also a reassurance to the category of sex workers who have so far found a source of income and livelihood on the platform.

We continue our work to support the rights of sex workers and with the 'goal to represent a platform for content creators, regardless of where they are, allowing them to upload and monetize their work.

Recall that in November 2019, PayPal also stopped support . Problem solved? Is the online world safe? Not at all. If the noble intent is to keep content of a condemnable nature away from the Web, bringing the Pornhub business to its knees can only be the tip of the iceberg of a broader operation and that cannot stop here, which must necessarily interest the myriad of other XXX sites on the Net. Otherwise it will be just a little useful fig leaf. Pornhub is one of the most visited hard sites in the world (the third in the ranking in April 2020), but certainly not the only one. The adult entertainment industry moves enormous capital and those who are part of it will not struggle to find alternatives, regardless of the legitimacy of the proposal.

Source: The New York Times

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