Netflix action movies: the best to watch | December 2020

Netflix action movies: the best to watch | December 2020
The wide range of streaming services has allowed subscribers of the various brands to constantly find a movie or series to have fun with. The great entertainment giants do not always offer productions worthy of being seen, thanks to a continuous need to include content that motivates the subscription to a subscription. How to move, then, within this incredible offer? The ideal is to deal with the different types of entertainment in order to find which are the most interesting proposals on which to focus our attention. Our first selection concerns an immortal genre of cinema, which has recently returned to the fore with some great proposals on Netflix: action films.

What are the best action films on Netflix? Here are our tips

Tyler Rake Triple Frontier Polar Jack Reacher - The decisive test How I kill your bodyguard Point blank Run all night Old Guard Project Power Ocean's 10 6 underground After dominating the 80s, with strong names like Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Willis, the genre of action films has lost its characteristic of testosteronic display of pure muscle, going to insert plots that enhance the enterprises of the protagonists. And what are the most interesting action movies in the Netflix catalog?

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Tyler Rake

The latest, in chronological order, of the proposals of the Netflix catalog in terms of action films. After laying down the Thunder God Mjolnir, Chris Hemsworth cements his partnership with the Russo brothers (Avengers Infinity War and Endgame directors), playing an unhappy mercenary hired for a desperate rescue mission in the slums of the Indian city of Dhaka. .

Tyler Rake is a modern-style action film, in which Hemsworth's physicality is enhanced to the fullest, thanks to a fast pace in the most intense scenes, which include shootings and physical confrontations. The Indian city is a great theater for this adrenaline-pumping, ruthless adventure that also puts a strain on the Hemsworth massif. You can read our review here.


Triple Frontier

A team of ex-US military, initially intending to put out of the game a dangerous drug lord, when they are faced with the immense wealth of the lord of the cartel they send to the devil principles and mission, choosing to groped the coup of life and take possession of the incredible treasure of the drug trafficker. The team of soldiers is put together by a lavish Oscar Isaacs, who acts as a support agent for local law enforcement, engaged in a fight against drug trafficking that seems to never end. At his side, another big shot of cinema, Ben Affleck, capable of carving out a test of depth after periods that are certainly not exciting, but equally exciting are the performances of Pedro Pascal and Charlie Hunnam.

Triple Frontier offers action, emotional construction and characterization of characters online, creating a story that thrills the viewer. Mark Boal, a journalist who had already tried his hand at cinema by writing the screenplay for The Hurt Locker has also contributed to giving life to this adventure



In the wake of John Wick's success, Madds Mikkelsen plays Duncan Vizla, ruthless and infallible killer of the Damocles organization. Upon reaching fifty, the killers are retired, in order to enjoy the last few years after a life of blood and violence. Vizal, two weeks after his retirement, is hired to eliminate Black Kaiser, an assassin who is decimating Damocles.

Polar is based on Mikkelsen's always impeccable charisma and on scenes of intense fighting that betray the comic root of the story . Although it does not reach the heights of the first John Wick, whose confrontation it terribly suffers, Polare is an action film that unpretentiously offers the viewer shells and violence with generosity


Jack Reacher - The Final Test

Could Tom Cruise stay away from action cinema? Although Netflix allows you to see the saga of Mission: Impossible, the stainless Cruise is present in the catalog of the giant by Reed Hastings also with the first film by Jack Reacher, the protagonist of a saga of books by Christopher McQuarrie.

A former military man and military police investigator, Reacher has cut ties with everything and everyone. To get him back into action is the unjust sentence inflicted on a former sharpshooter he had investigated years earlier. The desire to see clearly catapults him into an investigation full of pitfalls and twists, in which Cruise, as usual, does not spare himself spectacular scenes and close fights


How I'll kill your bodyguard

Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson continue the tradition of the great couples of actors in action movies, following the tradition of Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy or Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. Once a high-profile bodyguard, Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) falls from grace when he loses a client, adapting to small assignments. When asked to protect the infamous Darius Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson) by escorting him to the European Court of Justice, Bryce sees the mission as an opportunity to return to being a professional bodyguard. But first, he must get Kincaid safe and sound to court.

Irreverent and funny movie, over the top and a must see if you are looking for simple fun to spend an hour without too many pretensions


Point blank

Paul (Anthony Mackie) is a nurse involved in a shady history of crime and corrupt cops. When, during his shift, he rescues Abe Guevara (Frank Grillo), in a comatose state after a gunshot wound, Paul is forced by the brother of the criminal, who kidnaps his wife, to make Guevara escape from the hospital. An escape from criminals and corrupt cops kicks off, forcing Paul to become Abe's sidekick in the search for truth.

Already colleagues in Captain America: Winter Soldier, Mackie and Gallo form a beautiful couple, in a film that weaves a classic plot with well thought out action scenes.


Run all night

Liam Neeson was the trailblazer for the next generation of action movies. After giving his face to Bryna Mills, the protagonist of the saga of I will find you, the Irish actor returns to take on the uncomfortable clothes of another character akin to violence. Jimmy Conlon is a former underworld killer, retired for some time and with a bad relationship with his son Mike (Joel Kinnaman). When Mike finds himself having to take sides against Jimmy's old boss Shawn Maguire (Ed Harris), Conlon sr. he is forced to return to action to protect his son from a revenge by the Irish mafia.

The Italian title, Tutto in una notte, conveys well the sense of anxiety and dynamism that the two Conlons experience, trying to survive to the intense manhunt of the Maguire clan.


Old Guard

Inspired by the comic The Old Guard, this Netflix original production sees a team of immortals led by Charlize Theron face an unparalleled threat: the discovery of their secret. Forced to fight to maintain their safety, these immortals will also have to take care of the last immortal to have appeared

Films with appreciable fighting scenes, but which in some points shows a certain narrative weakness, especially in conveying the emotional complexity of the characters, who experience immortality as a condemnation. You can read our review.


Project Power

What would happen if a new drug allowed anyone to own for five minutes of extraordinary powers? This is what is hypothesized in Project Power, an action movie with Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Lewitt. An adrenaline-pumping film, with a particular vision of superpowers that is intertwined with a story of revenge and the search for redemption.


Ocean's 8

Inspired by the famous heist movies saga starring the team of thieves led by George Clooney, Ocean's 8 is the all-female chapter of the saga. Sandra Bullock, sister of Daniel Ocean, throws a striking heist, aided by a phenomenal cast including Kate Blanchet, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna and Sarah Paulson. Fun, fast-paced and ironic, Ocean's 8 offers a perfect mix of action and humor.


6 underground

Six protagonists , having reached a certain point in their existence, they decided to become ghosts. By simulating their own death, they bid farewell to their lives to join a team of independent operatives intent on making the world a better place by eliminating the worst threats. Leading them are former billionaire Uno (Ryan Reynolds), who with his own luck manages to provide logistical support and paraphernalia. He directs a hyper-adrenaline-pumping Michael Bay, who launches into incredible chases through the Florentine streets or gives life to impossible shootings, as we told you in our review.


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