McLaren Saber: hypercar for America with 835 hp and 349 km / h top speed

McLaren Saber: hypercar for America with 835 hp and 349 km / h top speed
A car reserved for American customers only. McLaren's latest model is called the Saber and will be produced in just 15 units, all already booked and sold. The project is the result of a collaboration between the British company and the McLaren dealership in Beverly Hills: dedicated exclusively to the US market, it has allowed customers to create a tailor-made model, full of customizations and unique details.

Yes it is a very advanced personalization program that McLaren offers its customers, who actively participate in the design of the car. The definition of the stylistic and technical parameters is all in favor of the future purchaser, who will be able to sit behind the wheel to carry out tests before the final decision on production.

835 HP V8

McLaren he did not provide much data or information on the definitive car, merely publishing the driving scheme of the Saber. The engine is an 835 hp 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, a value that allows the car to reach a top speed of 349 km / h. The structure is the same as the Senna, you can see it from the interior, with the door hinges and the on-board entertainment system display being the same.

The aerodynamics have been completely updated: rear now integrates a central fin and a new fixed wing inspired by the Senna GTR. An update has also involved the front area, with the fenders that have undergone an evolution in terms of style and functionality. McLaren has not released information regarding the weight or the presence of active aerodynamic appendages. However, the data on power and maximum speed seem to suggest a product oriented towards the pursuit of pure performance, and which therefore should have improved the downforce values.

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