Investor's Day: Pixar announcements

Investor's Day: Pixar announcements
During last night’s event, Pixar took stock of the productions on which it is working. The Toy Story production company has revealed that it is currently working on a series of content intended for both the cinema and the Disney + platform.

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Presenting the Pixar lineup was Pixar creative director Pete Docter who presented a total of seven new projects. The new Pixar productions will include a series of shorts inspired by some of the animation studio's existing IPs, the first regular animated series and two new animated motion pictures.

Pixar: the series on Disney +

Pixar will enrich its offering on the Disney streaming platform with:

Win or Lose, Pixar Popcorn, Dug Days, The animated series Cars Win or Lose will be the first regular animated series produced by Pixar and will follow a softball team of middle schools struggling with the week before the championship game. The story will be told from the perspective of the different team members and how the same events experienced by everyone will be perceived differently.

Pixar Popcorn will be a collection of shorts focusing on some of the most iconic characters in the Pixar Universe.

Dug Days will be an animated series that will tell the new life of the talking dog Dug, co-star of the masterpiece Up, struggling with situations totally new for him, such as life in the quiet American suburbs (squirrels will anyway).

New adventures await Lightning McQueen and Carl Tool in the animated series of Cars. The iconic car duo will be on a journey across the country, during which they will meet old and new friends.

Pixar: films for the big screen

The animation studio presented three new animated features:

Luca, Turning Red, Lightyear Luca, by the Italian Enrico Casarosa (former author of the short La Luna), will arrive in June 2021 will be set in Italy (more precisely in Liguria) and will tell the great friendship of the couple of best friends Luca and Alberto, during an unforgettable summer by the sea.

Turning Red by director Domee Shi (Bao) will tell about 13-year-old Mei and her peculiar characteristic: transforming into a giant red panda whenever she gets excited! The film, which promises to be a funny and slightly over the top comedy, will hit theaters on March 11, 2022.

Lightyear will tell the origins of the character who inspired the famous toy. It will therefore not be a story about Buzz and the gang of toys that fans have come to love and know over the course of the various Toy Stories, but an origin story that will explore the franchise from which the famous toy owes its life.

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