Hong Kong Hustle: the review of the game book

Hong Kong Hustle: the review of the game book
Hong Kong Hustle is Aristea's new game book, written by Andrea Tupac Mollica, who is confirmed to be one of the most prolific Italian game book authors, as well as the greatest expert in the cyberpunk genre.

Indeed, he is his the first Italian (and perhaps international) game book that dealt with the cyberpunk genre, namely Golgota Blues, which exploited the Nemezis setting originally conceived for the role-playing game Savage Worlds.

In this second entry into the field in the cyberpunk universe, Mollica was instead able to give free rein to his creativity, drawing on various inspirations to give life to an absolutely personal work.

All this is Hong Kong Hustle, released - not surprisingly - precisely l year in which (hopefully) the Cyberpunk 2077 videogame should debut.

Hong Kong Hustle thus inaugurates the Aristea Road to Dusk series, dedicated to science fiction titles set in an apocalyptic and dystopian future.

What is cyberpunk

How can you explain to those unfamiliar with this term, what defines the cyberpunk genre? Let's try to do it in very few words.

Cyberpunk can be defined as a literary and artistic current that developed around the 1980s within the wider science fiction genre, becoming a sub-genre, usually with dark tones and dystopians.

The term cyperpunk derives from "cybernetic" and "punk" and appears to have been used for the first time by Bruce Bethke as the title of a novel of the same name in 1983.

In short, cyberpunk deals with extremely advanced technologies, such as cybernetics, and their application to a social context of rebellion or radical change.

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