Hasbro Star Wars The Bounty Collection Wave 2 - Review

Hasbro Star Wars The Bounty Collection Wave 2 - Review
Fresh from the vision of the second season of The Mandalorian (rest assured, there will be no spoilers about it) we took with pleasure and curiosity the analysis of the Wave 2 of "The Bounty Collection" by Hasbro for the Star Wars brand. Let's start by telling you what this line of products is, as you may have guessed, related to The Child.

The line in question, The Bounty Collection, depicts Baby Yoda (the Child) in the most varied situations, from comic to dramatic, appeared in the television series. But how does it do it? With a style that is very reminiscent of Disney cartoons, making it even more tender and fluffy.


Being small collectible figurines, the entire The Bounty Collection line offers boxes of sizes very small and all of the same size. They are made of rigid cardboard and a rounded transparent plastic part thanks to which you can see the figure inside.

Please note that they are not "closed box" products. By choosing them you will know very well which product you are going to buy. Having made this small premise, let's go in order of numbering listing the Wave 2 by sequential numbering.

N.07 Speeder Ride

The seventh exit sees The Child inside the travel bag taken from the scene of the first season where, together with IG-11, he travels at full speed in the desert after being saved by the scout troopers. Very particular, of this release, is the thrust of the wind on the child's ears simulated thanks to the sculpt that sees them stretched out towards the back.

N.08 Touching Buttons poses

A "little rogue" skit this eighth release that sees Baby Yoda struggling with a series of button commands, probably those of our heroic I send. Unlike the others, which are all static, this one has the ability to rotate the wrist. We do not understand why since she does not take away or add anything to the figure. Note the sly look with a wry smile as he is doing it.

N.09 Stopping Fire Pose

Besides being one of our favorite Wave 2 figures in this The Bounty Collection, this ninth release also represents one of the most memorable scenes of the first season. At the end of his strength, the little one uses his strength to stand alone against the very dangerous flames of the Incinerator Trooper. The flame is made of transparent plastic while the protagonist's face is clearly taken in a state of effort during the use of force.

N.10 Mandalorian Necklace poses

Tenth release of pure " tenerume ”with Baby Yoda struggling with the necklace with the symbol of the Mythosaurus belonging to Din Djarin. In the picture the baby is kneeling while he sucks (or tries to eat the cord) of the necklace. Excellent realization and the pendant is also colored silver.

N.11 Pram

Eleventh example of the second wave sees The Child inside his pod that on more than one occasion it protected him from various dangers. With a remote controller the Mandalorian is able to move by being followed by this fluctuating spherical ellipse, the same one in which he found the child for the first time at the end of the very first episode.

N.12 Helmet Hiding Pose

If number nine was one of our favorites, this is the one we liked the most. The skit sees Baby Yoda playing innocently inside the helmet of an imperial stormtrooper. In addition to emphasizing the excellent realization of the little one, we also note the precision in the construction of the helmet, perfectly faithful, which is supported thanks to the contour that simulates a strip of sand.


It is the first time we analyze this type of figure. In general we can praise the excellent technical realization with great fidelity to the sources and at the same time a nice reinterpretation. Live they are definitely heavier than expectations despite the size and we do not find it hard to think that given the price at which they are offered it is not at all easy to find them, in some stores they are sold individually even if on the manufacturer's website (Hasbro Pulse) they are sold at couples. Too bad for the packaging, despite being very nice it will be practically impossible for you to pull out the figures without destroying the inner blister. In any case, super recommended purchase for Baby Yoda fans… er, The Child!

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