Games annual review 2020: PS5, Xbox Series X, Cyberpunk 2077 - the news of the year

Games annual review 2020: PS5, Xbox Series X, Cyberpunk 2077 - the news of the year
A definitely eventful year is drawing to a close. Time to review the past twelve months: In our video special below, we don't want to take a look at the games released in 2020 (many more reviews will follow in the coming days and over Christmas), but instead five of the most important reports highlight those who moved us and the community this year. The releases of the new consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X should of course not be missing: The new devices were released in November 2020.

Both Sony and Microsoft have reported new launch records - PS5 and Xbox Series S / X have sold more frequently around the launch than their predecessor consoles. Those who wanted to pre-order one of the new consoles noticed the huge rush: the allotments at the dealers have always been sold out within a very short time. After all, Sony and Microsoft have announced replenishment: In our news area we will keep you up to date on the latest developments. Also take a look at our regularly updated bargain guide so you don't miss any deals from the gaming world.

Recommended editorial content At this point you will find external content from [PLATTFORM]. To protect your personal data, external integrations are only displayed if you confirm this by clicking on "Load all external content": Load all external content I consent to external content being displayed to me. This means that personal data is transmitted to third-party platforms. Read more about our privacy policy . External content More on this in our data protection declaration. Another topic that particularly moved the game world this year: Cyberpunk 2077. After several postponements, the new CD Projekt Red work has finally been available since December 10th. Since then, players have been out and about in Night City, but with different gaming experiences: On PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X, the action role-playing game does not run perfectly technically, but much more fluidly than on PS4 and Xbox One. Players on the base load-gen consoles report low frame rates, unsightly popups, texture reloads, and game crashes. CDPR has already announced improvement in the form of updates: updates are to be submitted in January and February 2021 to fix the biggest problems.

We have more important messages from the gaming year 2020 in the video. Check out our website regularly in the coming days: We have prepared many more reviews for you - of course there are also one or the other preview for the year 2021.

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