Ferrari Roma shooting brake: here is a render of the family from Maranello

Ferrari Roma shooting brake: here is a render of the family from Maranello
The Ferrari Roma represents, among the supercars of the Prancing Horse, the most discussed ever due to its unmistakable style that is too similar to that of some English cars. Made exclusively in the coupé variant, the car has been the subject of an important rendering by the famous designer TheSketchMonkey, famous for his design hypotheses that are particularly similar and close to reality. In this context, TheSketchMonkey has modified a Ferrari Roma by transforming it into a shooting brake variant.

The shooting brake bodywork, which joins the line of a coupé to the rear of a station wagon, has always been an element that is appreciated or hate it. Consequently, the manufacturers who have had the courage to use it over the years are very few and among these we find Ferrari with its FF (FerrariFour) and GTC4Lusso, two cars that have been out of production for some time and that probably will not have direct heirs seen that the future 4-seater touring car will be available in SUV format (Ferrari Purosangue).

The American designer highlights in the video how his shooting brake variant is directly inspired by the classic Ferrari GTs, where even a family member could combine one distinctive style with true sports performance. The Ferrari Roma represents the ideal subject for this kind of design hypothesis, since it is one of the less extreme models of the Maranello brand on the market and embodies the role of the GT to be used every day.

The integration of a less accentuated rear volume assisted by a practical tailgate could make the car even more practical, significantly increasing the load capacity. According to the designer, the modification would find a sort of continuity with the original lines of Maranello without being too aggressive and clumsy. The result is a car that looks very close to reality.

Unlike the aforementioned FerrariFour and GTC4Lusso, the design hypothesis should however give up the second row of seats and the majestic V12 engine. A decidedly noteworthy privation and difficult to digest for the most loyal customers. A possible Ferrari Roma shooting brake should therefore use the engine currently installed on the production model, namely the mighty 3.9-liter V8 twin-turbo 620 HP capable of burning the sprint from 0-100 in just 3.4 seconds and reaching a speed maximum of 320 km / h.

As mentioned, it is not clear what Ferrari plans are and the arrival of a true replacement for the GTC4Lusso in the future cannot be ruled out. In the meantime, all that remains is to wait for the commercialization of the high-performance SUV, "Purosangue", which will directly challenge the sales champion Lamborghini Urus.

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